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    Arm oscam with pcsc and cacheex

    Hi i have a technomate twin 4k and i am struggling to get oscam with pcsc going properly, some versions crash after 15 seconds and others work but wont allow all clients to connect which is strange. Tried latest open atv/latest vix images and a different omnikey and usb port which did not help...
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    oe2.0 pcsc oscam support

    Hi all, would anyone have an patched bin file for oscam with pcsc supported for enigma 2 box. thanks anyone with help
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    Sbox for open atv image 5.3

    Hi does anyone know where i might find an ipk for sbox on open atv 5.3/ i have looked in the feeds and it appears its the only emu missing? Many thanks
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    Cant get oscam to start

    Hi guys on my duo1 i have oscam working fine ver (10978) but i would like to upgrade and i tried this version below oscam-svn11148-mips-tuxbox-oe2.0-webif-libusb-ssl-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn11148-mips-tuxbox-oe2.0-webif-libusb-ssl-Distribution chmod to 755 but it just wont start,in...
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    TnT Sat and cam

    Hi a friend is wanting to use a tnt sat french provider in his technomate box. Is it possible to use certain viaccess cams to clear the channels or will he have to use the original decoder.Dont want him buying a cam to find out hd dont work or nothing at all. I realise there was a provider...
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    Cerebro or Opus 1.05

    Hi i have just acquired 2x titanium 2 cards and 2 opus 1.03 cards from a friend and i was just wondering if there is any difference in either of these bins that member 007.4 has kindly sorted out for us all. Really just playing with orf and skylink files at the minute so i assume both bins will...
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    Opus card recovery

    Hi i have 2 opus cards that are giving an atr but i cant identify them or erase them in opus loader/cas interface I think they were either 1.03 or 1.04 cards Any advice would be appreciated if these cards can be recovered somehow Thanx
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    evening all

    Just a quick hello. Thankx