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    To Sat=TV Bosses

    Satellite Tv bosses, save a fortune in broadcasting costs by switching off the Adult Channel at 5 past midnight. There's no point in broadcasting remaining 3 hours and 55 min. of porn. After five minutes all your viewers have already lost their mess, switched off and gone to bed.
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    Top Tips

    Video your goldfish swimming in its bowl, then place a TV set next to the howl, and play back the tape. Hey, presto ! Instant 'company' for your 'fish'. Duplicate the tape and use extra televisions to create a 'goldfish party' on special occasions !
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    A Short Quize.......

    ....for those who aren't sure. Q.Why did the Man cross the road ?
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    They think it's all over...But it isn't....

    Stalin Fights On From The Grave ! The record books show that officially Stalin died in March, 1953. But evidence now coming to light suggests that Stalin's last card-played in his Moscow dacha in the final hours before he had gone to hell. Well, Stalin was barely out of nappies when the eminent...