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    h96 max andriod tv firmware?

    please can you tell me where and how do i install firmware on my h96 max rk3399. 4gb 32rom modle? is this the right forum?
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    please kindly can you tell me which is best latest image for my dm800 orignal box. also link if possible. bit confused there are few images for dm800 , but saying clone, se. mine is dm800hd ganiune orignal
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    italysat display wrong time?

    italysat on dm800 hd display wrong weather city and wrong time, how do I setup correct time n weather
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    mgcam required for italysat

    I install ccam 2.3.0 and now iam looking mgcamd for italysat on dm800hd
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    cccam instalation through TSPANEL?

    I install italysat image on dm800 hd. and tspanel 7.0.. but please can u tell me how I install cccam 2.3.1 and others ?how
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    ccam.cfg required

    plz can you send me the link where should I download cccam.cfg. I previously recvd ccam.cfg folder but when I download. its convert name as ATTACHMENT.PHP .I needs Ccam.cfg folder to put c:line
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    for Tsmedia and tspanel image required

    which image is handle both TSMEDIA AND TSPANEL , iam using dreambox 800hd original please only reply if u used and hav experience on that image. thanks
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    dreamUP required for dm800hd

    dream up required to flash my dm800 hd box, iam unable to flash through webinterface,
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    dm800 hd looking secondstage loader ?

    Iam looking to download secondstageloader for my orignal dm800hd box.i cant find the latest one .
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    unable to flash dm800hd?

    its normaly flash easily by web ip. but today when I put my dm ip on internet its not start flashing?, it is connected with web intfce. but not showing /starting flash. iam going back to dream ellite image, currently on Gemini.
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    how do i install TSPANEL ON gemi image?

    I am using Gemini image on dm800hd. please let me know I ftp to temp folder , but what next step to install?
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    I tried all given option but cant download tsmedia I tried by TSPANEL and telnet but same this bereif error comes. *satify_dependicies for.cannot satify the following dependcies for gst-plugin-bad-rtmp/ opkg install cmd cannot install pakage enigma2-plugin extension tsmedia oe2.0 iam using...
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    how do I install tsmedia? I already instal tspanel. I download tsmedia 2.o and 1.6 .unzip and drag to tmp but nothing come . plz kindly help using dreambox800hd and dreamellite2 v4image
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    TSPanel Help Needed

    please help. iam using dream ellite 4 latest updated image on original dm800hd. I trying to install tspanel. but its not success. I try. opkg update via telnet. also ftp/temp. install but nothing install? plz kindly help
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    sbcl with pc

    plz can yu tell me is any package open currently using vkeys +sbcl pc ..without any card
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    sbcl and canalsat chanels

    please can u correct me . i download sbcl ccast. ..edit ccam.cfg and put N line my computer ip.... and sbcl tuner i put my dreambox800. ip adress. and clik active... and if vkeys comes i install vkeys in plugin.. BUT my sbcl not shown yellow/green light flashing or either time counter...
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    fujitsu amilo l1300 dc jack loose

    please kindly reply i got above laptop dc power jack bit loose have to hold to work with charger, so i wants to open back cover of my laptop, plz can u instruct me in simple guide how do i open ..thanks
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    which is best web browser for n95?

    hi please can u tell me which is the best web browser for nokia95 currently i am using skyfire, but may be any other available too , which plays all types of vedios or live streams etc .
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    how do i find my own post?

    hi , please kindly reply how do i find my own post/thread thanks
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    can we used v keys without dvb card

    please tell me can we used sbcl plugin v keys , without usb/pci dvb card?