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    c band frequency

    Hi friends I want to know how I fix this frequency on my dm box [3671R/mis2,plp1]
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    HDFreaks openhdf Image DM7020hd

    my friends the hdfreaks openhdf 6.1 and the new updated 6.0 images dot reboot on my receiver any reason for that
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    gp wizard

    hi friends ican not install gp wizard or gemini images on my receiver 7020hd i dont know what is the problem only few days ago this started help me please
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    software could not be verified

    hi i patched 3 images with the same result software could not be verified i dont understand help pls
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    eutelsat w3 7east

    hi everyone i dont know what happened exactly but all frequencies with vertcal changed to horizontal and visa vasa any idea? iam sure not lnb not receiver and not diseqc what is it people?thx
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    no signal out from dm 800 hd

    friends i have a normal tv set am using scart as output from dreambox my receiver is one month old and it was working perfectly but I wanted to change scart cable when i tried that no more signal came out i connected the old one but same any idea of what have happened? the fact is when i was...
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    tv as back ground

    is it possible to make tv tuned station as back ground like when am watching football match and i dont want to litsen to the commentry i want to litsen to music like in dm 500 gemini images they have this function please let me know
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    what cccam fits to allrussian image

    friends i have tried all cccam for different images but was not able to get one fit this image may any one please tell me how to do it or where to get it i dont know if this image supports cccam or their server is on
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    any chance cccam for allrussian image

    friends is this image not supporting cccam if yes how to get it do they have addons server?
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    cccam info for dreamelite image

    friends this image is having cccam switch but no cccam info any idea? second thing i put manual ip to my dreambox but ican get only dreambox control wich ican not use it to flash a new image
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    cccam switch needed

    hi friends am looking for cccam switch for gp 5 image nabilo they have it what about gp ? and what is the path thx
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    what happens after new flash

    friends what happens to the old image after flashing the new one will it be erased or remains alive thx
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    need help clone dm800hd

    hi friends i just bought a clone dm 800hd it is patched with gemini 5 image but iwant to change to nabilo image it is bl76 i downloaded nabilo back hole bl75 is it ok to patch it can i use dreamup thx
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    hello to every body from oman