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    azbox oscam emu problem

    I managed to run the oscam emu on original fw (opensat), arena 39E ok, swiss 13E ok, but biss keys do not work. the smargo is in "error". the cards do not update, but they are "OK". can someone help me?
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    I try new release for azbox

    anyone can post a new version of oscam-emu for azbox with original fw OPENSAT? the @hapeba releases are still a few months. Thank you
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    opensat & os-emu

    I'm trying to run os-emu with fw OPENSAT 0.9.5402, WebIf ok emureader status ok but I do not see channels reader internal error smargo ok with FRANSAT, error with Tivusat user connected. the emu-os I am using is this some idea
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    help dvbsnoop

    someone manages to work with azbox dvbsnoop image and E2 2.0?
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    doscam: how to set up smargo?

    How do I configure the Smargo for doscam?
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    I try oscam ymod

    I'm looking for a oscam_ymod mipsel for azbox premium plus with internal card reader enabled
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    ciao a tutti