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    plugin E2 Simple ZOOM Panel in PY3 ver.: 1.0

    I have installed but where are the oscam server files ? Since my cccam config file is changed. It has vanished form the config folder in tuxbox. Thank you.
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    Octagon sf 8008

    I had the some some problem. Go to recovery mode like described above it will be alight.
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    openatv 7.4 image

    Amazing how quick they change the versions. Does we have something interesting ?
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    brippi68 ci ha lasciati

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    Miscellaneous chat about Feeds

    Thank you very much for the information. I try to find a frequency to add for fixing the position of my dish on 3W. Here at my location and around 100km we have not signal on 3 W I try to find how I could insert frequencies in the ABS 3W satellite using Dreamboxedit. In reality this is my...
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    Miscellaneous chat about Feeds

    Wish you all Happy New Year. It is a very useful thread. I try to get 3w, from, my location Timisoara, Romania, but with my 1.3 m dish I didn't find a channel. So I'm ask you which should be a proper frequency to test this position ? Thank you.
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    Happy New Year Every One

    Happy New Year !
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Please , new data for the Concert in Venice
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    felice anno nuovo

    Happy New Year !
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    I wish also to know who it could be possible. Maybe some people from this wonderful community will help us the rest of passionate members. Perhaps, Santa Klaus will hep us. Who knows ?!
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    You must have in Favorites the bouquet DAB D1. Opened and choose the channel that you want. It is important to fix your audio option in the menu. If everything is setup you must have a high quality radio file.
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    Hi, the file need to has an archive format like.zib on the usb drive. And then you will use blue button software manager and flash image.
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    @Lippei sagt servus

    Hello, Thank you for your work. Nice, that you are here. I ask you and also SU members, using the image with DAB radio channels in Favorites my list with icam was deleted and I was not able to use both list on one image. Thank you for help.
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    Yes. I use my Octagon SF 8008. I will check my userbouquet. If I remember well I checked for this file and it is installed already. I was curious to listen on other positions the DAB+ radio stations on satellite.
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    what do you mean by boutique for Italy DAB+ ?
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    Israel under attack feed

    A very sad day.
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    Of course that I referred previously to other stations related to other orbital positions. ( 23.5 E. 39 E or 5 W, for examples) Sorry for not been specific earlier.
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    I kindly ask about a possible topic related to DAB mux on satellite. Could you recommend a tutorial or similar for DAB mux receiving on Octagon SF8008 receivers running with Openatv images ? I hope that is not a doubled request but I consider that is a challenging topic for our hobby. Thank you...
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    Discussion about all FEEDs

    Hello from Timisoara, Romania with my 130 cm H-H motorized dish , located in the garden ( surrounded with trees and vegetation ...:) ) I have a mean db of 9 for GKUC 16 and approximatively of 8 for GKUC 15. Best wishes to SU people.
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    DAB+ radio on sat for Octagon SF8008 [images]

    Thank you Very much. It's working alright. It is great surprise.