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    How much data needed ???

    if i am connected to one server through cccam and watching tv on dreambox, how much bandwith would be used roughly? How much data consumed per hour, to run cccam ??
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    EPGTranslator on 28.2E

    @ferret I noticed there is no result appear on YouTube trailer when pressing yellow button in EPGTranslator, on any of UK channels.. Anyone had similar problems with this?
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    Connect 5 LNB to DM 800

    Dear Experts, I have 5 LNBs: LNB1: Hotbird LNB2: Astra 28 LNB3: Astra 19 LNB4: Badrsat26 LNB5: Astra 16 and DiseqC 8 pin switches. Look at this on eBay I am having problems configuring these. Can some one help me in this regard? With pictures on dm800 setup
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    Cross Epg Rytec provides Does NOT update

    Any solution for this minor problem?? rossepg returns this error message "cannot retrieve rytec sources". Cheers
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    Epg Astra 28.2E on second infobar

    I have tried many images, with 2nd infobar function. None of them show Epg info for Astra28.2 ( epg is downloaded, and can be show by pressing info button, but it should also be show be show on 2IB , The strange thing no such problem with other satellite. Any idea>????
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    Dreamup error message

    I tried to install image on dm800 sim2 via dreamup ( I tried several versions, including patched) I get this error in Dreamup window: Any idea why I can not flash it via dreamup, although I have no problem flashing via browser!!:confused:
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    proxy plugin

    Is there any plugin that hide ip address or gives fake ip??:rolleyes:
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    Good news, blackhole is back on dm800

    Blackhole 2.1.1 Thanks to fair bird Thanks to blackhole team for providing source code :thum: Works on sim 2 external flash
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    bbci player

    It seems stopped working with nothing showing up any more Is there an update for dm800 oe2 images??
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    plugin mover plugin error needs module named bytes2human... :mad:##anyone know where to get it???
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    ftp solo2 using DCC

    I Used dcc to ftp solo2, but is awful slow ( ftp component not ready) takes ages to open file.. any idea what is best??? also how to install mgcam 1.38, and mg cfg setup.. thanks
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    Black-Pole-by-ramiMAHER Dreambox 800/SE External Flash Only,, too big
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    dm800 flash with browser, but not with dreamup

    I can flash my dm800, with web browser, but when I try flash with dreamup, I get no ca found error on dreamup window .. Any explanation, and solution??
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    MYTUBE not working

    Is there any latest fix for vevo clips????:rolleyes:
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    Mytube latest py file

    I am looking this file, found in mytube extension cheers
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    dm800 signal keeps dropping on astra28E

    strange, I noticed the signal 28e channels, keeps dropping to zero, then come back to normal 75%, without any weather condition, this does not with any other of 3 lnb installed for hotbird, arabsat or astra19. any idea????:confused:
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    Blackhole feeds plugins

    Does this bh feeds update automatically, or I have to update manually? If so how?? I am asking coz I di not see plugin such as mytube, ondemand, or tdmedia on the feeds plugins..annoying..
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    Deactivate ftp function

    How to deactivate ftp function in openpli 3 image???:confused:
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    configure mgcam on blackhole

    I successfully installed mgcam, and is working the problem is "common interface" still appear on info bar, despite mgcam is working.. When I switch to common interface, channels still open!! I t seems I can not switch between cams, and mgcam is locked on working Any idea, sorry for...
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    Teletext on dm800

    ferret, do you know if teletext still operational on sky uk, and irish RTE? IS there teletext plugin?? or how to activate on openpli, and cvs images??