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    Sirius Channel

    Hej. Någon som minns kanalen Sirius Channel som visade dygnet runt en slinga med promos och information från Viasat på även svenska och danska ? Kollade ibland på kanalen när jag var mindre och det måste har varit mellan år 2004-2006, hade varit kul om någon kunde lägga upp något klipp ifrån...
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    Sirius Channel

    Hello. I remember it was an channel called "Sirius Channel" on Sirius 5°E, the channel was free to air and was only showing promos and information from Viasat. Does somebody have the promos recorded from the channel ? It was around 2004-2006 as i remember. I would be very fun to see the...
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    PowerVu on Amiko A3

    Hello. Does anybody know how to get Power VU keys working on Amiko A3 ?
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    Viasat new card

    Hello. Does somebody know if the new Viasat card with caid 0940 working with cardsharing ?
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    Kanal D Romania 16E Biss

    Hello i have a little problem i can´t get any picture on Kanal D with the biss key. I using VU+ Solo2 with Openpli 4.0 and CCcam 2.3.0 and cccam says EMU 0.002 but i get no picture what is the problem ?
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    Cryptoworks Decrypt ECM Tools (CHAT)

    How to use it ?
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    Canal digital card

    I have a old canal dgital card here at home when i put the card in my dreambox there are 3 channels C more live 2 C more live,3 and C more live 4 that working only in two minutes and after that it not working only the day after. Is it possible to make these channels working all the time?
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    Power vu key for Kidsco 4.8E on opticum 4100 works

    Hi i just start zapping on my opticum box and i see the box opens kidsco on Astra 4.8E but i don´t find it in the key edit menu. Can somebody give my the key for this channel so i can put it in on my dreambox?
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    Earth TV 15°W

    I have no picture on this channel with the new biss key
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    Ccam and other softcams wont start

    Hello i need some help with my dm800hd i using openpli image Softcams wont start when i press restart softcam in the menu. The encrypted channels in softcam.key not working if i use cccam,mgcamd or other softcams . Please help