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    Help about extracting cw0 and cw1 for my card

    I need to help plz i have card It works in all receivers I want to extract cw0 and cw1 have
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    who can help me extract cwpk from conax

    atr 00009A9400304230303B34940030423030 3B34940030423030 NR PROV ID NAME CHID STARTDATE END DATE CHID OLD STARD ATE OLD ENDE DATE ATE OLD 1 1010 ENIGO1 1000316 07.12.2016 07.12.2018 00000000 01.01.2019 01.01.2019...
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    Help with extraction dumb card conax

    I have Conax card, the terrestrial broadcast works on all reception devices. I want to extract dumb card. I need a program to extract dumb from card
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    Help about extracting the golden encryption key for conax cards

    I have all the information of conaks cards broadcast terrestrial Lugar and card information I want to extract the golden encryption key