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    all cards

    Hi All, Looks like this section has come to an end. R.I.P. :mecry:
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    TM-TWIN 4K receiver

    Hi All, Has anyone got or is using the tm-twin 4k receiver?:) I have been using this unit for over a year now, and sometimes the software it runs on can be a challenge.:rolleyes::confused: Has anyone come across software for this unit?:D It is still running on the factory installed software...
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    tm-twin 4k

    Hi all, my mate has just given me his new tm-twin 4k box. It a bit of a tricky bitch to set up, that is why I got it??!! But I got it working ok now. The software it openpli is there any updates for this receiver Tried the tm website but not luck.
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    Forum Problem

    Hi all, I have logged on to the web site, But keep getting a box pop asking me to log in as an admin??????:mad::confused: Can anyone inform me what the problem is:confused: :mecry: Best regards millernan
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    Sit being blocked

    Hi, I have had conformation from my frends that this sit is being blocked by firefox and internet explorer.:mad: When you try to access the websit, is give you a 404 worning forbiden sit!!!:confused::confused::eek:: What is going on?:confused:: I once agian had to access the ipconfig program on...
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    channelmaster lnb holder

    Hi I have a 1.2m channel master dish with a 40mm lnb holder, but due to ware the holder has snaped and no longer holds in the lnb. So far I have been unable to find a replacement 40mm holder. Please can anyone help me, do's know of a supplier for this part, web address of any satellite dealer...
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    Inverto 3 satellite lnb

    Hi all, I have been trying to get the inverto monoblock 3 satellite 13+16+19.2 lnb,:) it is available on there wetsite for 39.90chf (£27.05).;) IS anyone in the forum,using this lnb, if so how good is it and how easy was it to set up.:) Any info or expereince of this lnb welcom.:D
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    I cannot get in to the forum

    Hi, I a having an problem loging in to the form,:mad: I keep geting bounced back to the login page,:confused: is it my connection:( or your browser:eek:.
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    Hi all

    Hi all, Just joined, hope to have lote of frends here,:D and help when I can:thum: Millernan