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    cccam cfg

    Hello I have a dreambox 800hd sim201-ssl82-OpenPLi-dm800-20110509-mfaraj57-Sat-gr2 ,but cannot find cccam.cfg,I downloaded the cam but without the cccam cfg.
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    No data on transponder

    Dreambox 800se image openpli sim 2.10 bt84 The problem is that when switch dreambox and leave it on the same channell all ok for hours,but when changing channell, I have a message (No data on transponder!Timeout reading PAT).Then you have to shutdown dreambox because only black screen you can...
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    cannot download plugins

    image openpli 2.01 76d Cannot download plugins what i`m doing wrong ,i need to download cccam or how to manual install now working with mgcam . Thanks