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    VU+Ultimo 4K tuner (not FBC).

    Hi, I have Vu+ Ultimo 4K. I want to change my tuner dvb-s2 FBC (because it has some problems) with a tuner not FBC but that support 4K. Whick model I have to buy? Does this model exist or it is only for Vu+Ultimo not 4K?
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    Oscam Plugin

    Hi, Is there a plugin that allows me to activate/deactivate oscam reader and user by decoder without using webif?
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    Oscam for Venton Unibox HDe

    Hi, why new oscam not work on Venton Unibox HDe? Last workung oscam on my Venton was about January 2017. All new version not work (black screen). When i put oscam of January 2017 (or previous) everything returns to work. Where am I doing wrong?
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    Timeout in oscam. What is and passible cause.

    Sometimes occur with oscam "timeout" with freeze. What is timeout e when occurs (ecm too slow or too fast, other...)? What are possible solution (to overclock card, delayer in dvbapi, other...)? Thanks for reply.
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    Mediaset premium and blockemm

    Hi, i have a question for you. Which are the correct values of "blockemm" to update the card of Mediaset Premium? oscam.server blockemm-unknown = ? blockemm-s = ? blockemm-g = ? blockemm-u = ? Are they all necessary to update and prevent freeze? Thanks for reply.
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    OpenESI 4.0. Where to find it?

    Hi, somone have OpenESI 4.0 for dm7020hd to attach here because OpenESI 5.0 has blindscan's bug (channel disabled in the list channels after found it). I've looked for it anywhere but I do not find it. Thanks.
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    OpenESI 5.0 and Weather

    I want to see OpenESI Weather on Elgato skin of OpenESI 5.0 but i cannot do it. OpenESI site write... "Weather Plugin: Weather Plugin and can download it directly from the feeds by Green / green on plugin part of Extension and the other on SystemPlugins restart Gui OpenESI ...." I have...
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    Blocchi oscam su tivusat (RAI HD)

    Ciao, qualcuno di voi presenta dei blocchi sui canali tivusat in particolare su RAI 1 HD, RAI 2HD e RAI 3HD? Ho una card tivusat 183D (quella azzurra per intenderci). E' necessario passare a quella gold che supporta meglio HD? oscam.server label = TivuSat protocol...
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    Dm525 Combo: tune problem (openATV)

    Hi, I have a problem with openATV on my Dm525 Combo that i not be able to solve. When I start Dm525 I have low signal on dtt and sat channel (freeze and lack of signal) but if i restart decoder problem disappeare. Problem occurs after deep standby. Do you know if with last image this problem...
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    Skew and quality

    Hi, I want to know if skew can influence the quality (not signal) of a channel. This question because on 10°E there is a feed where I have high signal (40-45% stable with TBS) but quality oscillates between 0-20-100% preventing vision.
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    SmartDVB and autoroll PowerVu. Is it possible?

    Hi, I installed SmartDVB 0.4.5 beta1, PowerVu emu 2.3, vplug and tried to follow this tutorial for AFN channels: *ttps:// but something does not work. My question is: is it possible to descramble with this method AFN channels? Is there another method? In...
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    Best software to get valid .ts for crypt8

    Hi, is there a best software (altdvb,dvbdream,smartdvb,progdvb,...) to record valid .ts to found crypt8 or are all valid softwares (all record .ts in the same way) and is it only a time question (400/600MB recording time)?
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    Record full .ts Dreambox to get crypt8

    Hi, i'm trying to get crypt8 with my Dreambox 7020HD but I'm discouraged because i tried to record 5min (1st attempt), 5 min (2nd), 10min(3rd), 20 minutes to get... nothing. Only a few times i get crypt8 in 1-2 minutes but are more failed attempts than successful. Any ideas or experience??? Is...
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    ERT problem discramble

    Hi, i have a problem with oscam and ERT channels. All channels with are descrambled but with ERT... nothing! Black screen. I think that configuration is right (also key): 2600:000000:000A:0104:1FFF:: A1... ERT 1 (3.0°E) 2600:000000:0014:0100:1FFF:: A1... ERT 2 (3.0°E)...
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    DE 4.0 r005 and picon lcd

    Hi, I can not see picon lcd (zombi) on my display with last Dream Elite DE 4.0 r005. My display is black. Why? I have put picon lcd in var/share/enigma2/piconlcd. Thanks.
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    A oscam request

    Hello. I search e prove many oscam for ipbox 9000hd (also from lynch) with sifteam enigma 2 1.3 but every give me segment fault. can anybody post a workin oscam for my dec? thanks you very much
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    Script easy config build ipbox 9000

    I recive this error. |/home/sage79/Scrivania/oscam-svn/toolchains/devkit_sh4/tdt/tdt/tufsbox/dev kit/sh4/lib/gcc/sh4-linux/4.3.4/../../../../sh4-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lcrypto collect2: ld returned 1 exit status How can i fix? thanks in advice
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    Cccam and penthouse on 7 est

    When i turn on penthouse, cccam reboot itself. How can i resolve? thanks.
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    Oscam sh4 su ipbox sifteam extreme edition enigma2

    Salve. ho comprato questo decoder, messo la sifteam enigma 2. installata la oscam: mi legge la card di sky e nel dreambox collegato in lan vedo l'abbo ma lo schermo dell'ipbox rimane nero. Sono 3 giorni che provo ma non riesco. Gentilmente qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi? Ecco le mie conf...
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    Un Ciao a tutti gli utenti del forum :thum: