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    Echostar Files ONLY (Firm - Software - etc)

    Just Post your Echostar Files here !
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    echostar H/W 05.07 S/W 01.06

    :mecry: My Reciever shows this in the info bit echostar H/W 05.07 S/W 01.06 It has 2 CI Slots. I don't know what it is !!!!!!!!!! Does anybody know the model. It's a slim line silver box. Any Ideas, Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :mecry:
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    Hello , My is Max i am new here
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    Season Interface Software

    Hi, Does anybody know any of the Duolabs Guys. I need to speak to somebody or to them about the (Zig Bee) Season 2 Wireless Interface. I want to write some Software for it myself. I do Lazarus,C++ etc. Anybody interested in joining me. I also need any available Softwares and Firmwares for...