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    Octagon SX88 series "secret menu's"

    "Secret menu" found on 6363 for CAM settings
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    Octagon SX88 V2 - some basic questions

    I found that the box won't scan Satback the channels which was pointed out by Enosat Many thanks
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    Octagon SX88 V2 - some basic questions

    Hi I have just purchased a SX88 v2 and l have setup the enigma2, but would like to try configuring the Define OS side to use the oscam, biss keys for Satback I can see that there is a Oscam configuration on the box (via usb) with all the settings however l am not sure how to access them...
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    Octagon SX88 series "secret menu's"

    Hi l am trying to set up the BISS codes for BBC One HD on the satback 27.5w and can see the code in Key 00 and saved but its not clearing the channel. Not sure what key 01 is but it all zero and can't enter Where am l going wrong
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    Oscam Keepalive

    update. I changed to Oscam latest replacing Oscam_emu and all seems well
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    Oscam Keepalive

    Thanks or your input will try, but thinking its a config setting somewhere. I have upgraded to the latest and will see
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    Oscam Keepalive

    I have a Zgemma H9s se running the latest release of Openvix 6.4.005 and l am experiencing an issue where when l leave the power on the STB for a long time with no activity, for example overnight l have to sometimes restart the GUI and other times a full reboot to get the STB active again. I...
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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    a Note: Time moves on, its now 5 Select and working 2600:000000:4FC0:1D4C:1FFF::XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX ;5 Select (27.5°W)
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    Hyperion 5.5 IPBOX CUBEREVO - IPTV

    I have installed this and use the Open Webif from my laptop with zap before streaming and this works fine. I have downloaded the bouquet to run on my IPTV box for viewing in other rooms in the house but they will only display when on the same channel as my enigma2. I currently use webif to...
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    Hyperion 5.5 E2 Loss of Video and sound

    Hi I have installed Hyperion 5.5 E2 and working but somthing l have done unkowingly has resulted in loss of the scrambled channels. I have looked at the EMU which is configured for CCCam. I only see the channel info at the bottom of the screen but no Video or sound I have restored from a backup...
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    IPTV Hyperion 5.3

    Hi I have upgraded my 9000HD to E2 Hyperion 5.3 and have DVB-S2 and DVB-T tuners working together with CCCam I have been looking at IPTV on the box and not sure how to set this up directly. I have used DVBlogic dreambox and it works partially From what l have tried l only get one channel at any...
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    E2 HYPERION v5.3 Oscam help

    Hi I have installed a dgs image 1.5.1 and installed oscam and working ok I have upgraded my STB to Enigma E2 with PKT HYPERION v5.3 Image which is install as a multiboot. I have then proceeded to install oscam useing the "sh4CAM Conditional+Access+Module+software build 1.12" which has installed...
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    Cuberevo IP9000 Webtv

    I have installed the pgi 1.5.1 final DGS image and would like to get the webtv working on this image I have used the addons to install webTV 2.1 and have tried webtv 2.3 without success When in firefox and entering BOXip/webtv it calls VLC but does not show channel. I have also tried in VLC...
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    Cuberevo Image with Oscam

    Hi I have an IPbox 9000hd which l have taken the dust off to get working once again. It has the DGS image PGI 1.5 installed I have looked around and there are various images and post on the forum that l have read but l have not been able to find an image that l can install with a Oscam that...