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    Power supply unit for ultimo

    My box dont boot up showing only blue light on stand by,sound,and channel buttons i think psu is dead.Where can i bay one?
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    How to install ddns_0.3_mipsel.ipk on enigma 2.0 image?
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    upload bootlogo

    how can i upload a bootlogo to this forum?
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    O.E 2.0 experimetal image

    i cant install gp 0,53-r14_mips32el.ipk on image i put on tmp folder but it wount install 0 packege installt any ideas?
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    how to stream?

    how to config my tuners on blackhole so i can stream one channel and watch the other one.Main cable is connect to tuner one how to connect the second tuner
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    remote control

    i heave vu+ultimo and dm800 can i use dreambox remote on my vu+ box if yeas how?
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    Freezing problems with ccam

    Hi,all i heave e big problem which is making me crazy i get a lot of freezig i try different clines with all ver of ccams i change three time internet opareter the last one i test the ping it gives 7ms is good or bad i dont now.the box i heave is dm800,vu+ultimo,dm500+ i try different images as...
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    edg nemesis

    how to update nemesis image from ver 2.5 105r4 to 106 i try on software update but it says that my decoder is up to date
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    Unlock service

    please how do i unlock the services(satelite) with dream editor or in meny i cant config astra 28e
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    usb ports

    Hi,i heave a problem since i put vonets wifi brige on my dm800(stupid of me i put both usb and ethernet cabel on the box) both usb ports wont work enymore.i used usb stick with moboot now all gone and box dont recognize usb,i try different images no help. Please any ideas what whent wrong?