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  1. milan58

    33 East reception

    @jenseneverest BlindScan select under Search type> scan for channels and there will be a memory of the channel. For frequency 11444, you need to select Manual Scan and enter this information: 11444 H 17500, T2MI PLP ID: 000 , T2MI PID: 4095 and will come to memorize the channel.
  2. milan58

    30.5 E i 21.6 E

    30.5°E već odavno tu nemam ni jedne frekvencije da se može zaključati. 21.6°E 10723 V, 10856 V, 11485 do 11600 ima par stanica koje se mogu zaključati.
  3. milan58

    AddKey Plugin chat

    This is the last .ipk version, try it out. You can upgrade to newer versions later.
  4. milan58

    OpenSkin Designer ( e2-Skinner)

    OpenSkinDesigner_v3.2.6.4 localized program in Serbian Latin and Cyrillic script.
  5. milan58

    SmartDVB x64 and vPlug

    OK. Then now in the folder of vplug2.46 delete the MDL file vhelper.mdl .Now vplug should show in MDAPIHost>Plugins>Pool 0 .vhelper.mdl is an old file from 2009 that Windows 10 does not recognize. My recommendation is if you have the options to switch to Windows 11 this OS is much better and...
  6. milan58

    SmartDVB x64 and vPlug

    Why do you find it difficult to take pictures of what you have in the mdplugins folder? And in the first picture I showed how to set EMU in the mdplugins folder. Each EMU must have its own folder and then it will show in MDAPIHost>Plugins>Pool 0
  7. milan58

    SmartDVB x64 and vPlug

    First of all, you need to run the Filters folder with Administrator rights >register filters< In folder mdplugins copy as in Figure 1. It works great on Windows 10, and I made this video on Windows 11. Good luck
  8. milan58

    KTV HD 16°E

    All 6 tv channels work normally if properly entered keys into softcam, including RTV21,Zico TV,First Channel... From the attached picture it can be seen that the keys should be entered correctly. Maybe this will help someone. Just so much of my little thing. Best regards
  9. milan58


    autobiss-v1.4 we like well on SmartDVBx86 portable version under Windows 11 x64. (y)
  10. milan58

    Spanish Abertis DTT Sat @ Hispasat 30W - Chat & How to guides

    These pids are also known, if it can help some developer to update The DEfine OS: TVE UHD - freq=10922, tp_id=$000A, SID=$30D5, PMT=$0800 UHD-2 - freq=10922, tp_id=$000A, SID=$30D6, PMT=$0030
  11. milan58

    PowerVu Chat [only chat, don‘t post keys here]

    It's still a channel without a picture. The channel indicates that it has a resolution, but the recorded program analyzes that it is missing PMT and PAT. That's why it doesn't make sense to publish the active key.
  12. milan58

    59,5°E Intelsat33E(TEST POSITION)

    Intelsat33E tested at the position 59,5°E
  13. milan58

    36°W Eutelsat 36 West A

    Now is your chance to catch this satellite. 1=11330,H,4443,34,QPSK-BGVR_1 VIA1 E299,video: 4:2:2 720x576 25fps 18kbps 4:3 2=11336,H,4443,34,QPSK-BGVR-1 VIA2 E-299,video: 4:2:2 720x576 25fps 18kbps 4:3 3=11361,H,3399,23,8PSK- Service 01,video: 4:2:0 720x576 25fps 52kbps 16:9...
  14. milan58

    Naynawa Alghad 12.5W

    really the first frequency that is outside the range of 12750. SID: 2
  15. milan58

    Stream Continous NSS7 20°W

    12540,H,42990,34,32APSK or 12540,H,42990,23,16APSK,ACM/VCM There is a station in English-tone goes intermittently,a.p. 34 AAC In the second image data for TV.
  16. milan58

    Jungle 47,5°E

  17. milan58


    11°W UEFA EURO 2016 uoći utakmice Hrvatska-Češka,uključenja će biti u poluvremenu i na kraju utakmice HNTV FEED(HRVATSKA NOGOMETNA TELEVIZIJA) 11613,H,2499,34,8PSK-ALLO_ALLO
  18. milan58


    11°W The former frequency 4°W 11333/H/4936 HUMTVA HD Return.The current frequency 11°W 11600,H,4936,34,8PSK-HUMTVA HD Enc_2. Coded in biss,if someone could find the key. Thank you. BISS KEY HERE =>
  19. milan58

    3°W feed

    Can someone get away crypt8 or key? 1=11630,V,9873,34,8PSK- ? 2=11642,V,9873,34,8PSK- UKI 1487 RAI Aquatics 1 biss
  20. milan58

    Tricolor on DVBDream

    In the folder Plugins themselves create these two folders. Using the attached image see the folder you can make yourself.