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    Getting blocked from time to time

    Hi all. :) Today I posted in "Claudia´s Games". No problem for eight postings. But now I can´t post the 9th one in the game "Knock Knock". (Only text with smileys - two intended attachments not yet uploaded, but I will try*.) I´ve got Advanced View Editor window opened there and when clicking...
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    First Name __ Last Letter

    Like all LAST LETTER games, but with first names: Igor Roberta A....
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    New PVR

    "I´m so satisfied with my new PVR (personal video recorder). Why didn´t I buy one earlier?", Peter tells his colleagues at work. "But you bought a cheap, crappy model with only few functions!", somebody rejects. "I don´t mind", Peter answers. "Well, I would with such a machine. What do you...
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    Famous persons _ Last Letter

    I propose a game like "Countries and cities", but with famous living or dead persons (politicians, authors, showstars, football players, etc.). Always take last letter: Nelson MandelA Alfred HitchcocK ...
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    Living Beings _ Last Letter

    I propose a game like "Countries and cities", but with living beings animals, plants, mushrooms, bacteria, ethnical human groups (but not single persons) The answers may be (a bit) longer than one word. Always take last letter! Examples: tigeR --- rosE --- eskimO ---- orchid
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    ipbox software and drivers ready for win7?

    Does anobody already know if pc editor / flash tools/ ipbox's usb-drivers will work under windows 7 (to flash the box with the new OS)?
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    What image for dm8000?

    Jubilee - my 500th post:D:D:D. I use official firmware (release 20090910) for my new dm8000. Stable, but problem with NFI Flash Plug-In (Can´t create USB recovery stick. dm8000 vip support couldn´t solve the problem.) Would like to try another image (don´t want to multiboot). New image should...
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    HELP! What CAM and soft for S*Y HDTV with original S*Y S02 (Nagra3) smartcard?

    I want to replace my CI module - works fine with all S*Y sdtv/hdtv channels but decrypts only one channel at a time in twin receiver Abcom IPBox 9000 HD. I use Alphacrypt classic plus original S02 smartcard (nagra3) and mainly watch S*Y HDTV. Intend to perhaps change to dreambox 8000 near...
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    CHC-TREX-V9 Card Support Firmware

    Translated from German CHC-TREX-V9.txt (in .ZIP-file): Card-Support Firmware V9 for T-REX(Twin) ---------------------------------------- This file has been optimized for T-Rex Twin and changes your T-Rex into a CAM that acts as similar as an Alphacrypt TC, which can handle many original...
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    Latest Version of TS-Doctor

    On a german Board for a media player called "Popcorn Hour" I (ararat/khan) found a useful tool that is still free, but may perhaps some day become commercial. It´s called TS-Doctor and I consider it recommendable for all SAT/Cable viewers who do recordings with their devices. I therefore...
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    Die neuen Sky-Pakete - Böse Überaschung für manche Kabelkunden

    Alle Filmliebhaber, die Fernsehen in HD Qualität wünschen, werden vom Kabelfernsehen immer mehr enttäuscht: Nachdem bereits Anixe HD aus dem Kabel verschwunden und bisher noch nicht wieder aufgetaucht ist, verschwindet in absehbarer Zukunft (?) auch Premiere Film HD. Das zukünftige Sky Cinema...
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    Enigma 2 - What advantages will it have?

    Everybody is speculating about Enigma2 and when it will come - many are enthusiastic about it, but nobody talks about it's advantages. In Your opinion: What will or should Enigma2 do better than abcom-, sif-, nlb-, etc-. images for the ipbox9000hd? For whom may it be useful to install it...
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    What's up with ab-com support ???

    What's up with support ??? For weeks no new software (still only firmware 7932 from 07.08.2008 instead r8022/ uboot 1.31 instead 1.32/ PC-Editor Beta4 instead Beta 10) and in addition their forum is down for over a month, too. No answer to emails. That's unusual:confused:. Didn't try...
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    Hello, I'm not sure, if I this is news for you or not , but on I found a file for the 9000HD (I did not try it yet), that should run without Flash Tools only from a plugged in USB Stick (on USB-Host). I copied the description of the file and insert it here: NEU!! Version 110608_r7219 usb...
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    Hello from ararat. (Hallo alle) Need some advice.

    Hello to all of you. I registered yesterday and only gathered information. This is my first post in my first forum ever. I hope to find some information about a legal way to use my combined PW and K+ Smartcard (that I pay for and will go on paying for) with a new receiver, to get rid of stupid...