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    Hi @ juli13, thanks for this patch. but where put oscam_emu_icam_patch and howto thanks
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    -Build based on OpenPLi-Git (develop branch) -version:10.2 -DM800SE -SIM2.10 - SSL84D -GCC 10.2.0 -Glibc 2.32 -GStreamer -Python 2.7.18 -OpenSSL 1.1.1g & 1.0.2r -Busybox 1.32.0 -Linux kernel 3.2.102 -OSCAM-EMU 11678-798 -Language: en/ru -serviceapp installed -FTP&TELNET...
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    OpenPLi 6.2 Stable release Oiginal Images
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    OpenPLi 7.3 Stable release Oiginal Images
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    openvision develop-english-10.1-r151-dm800se-SIM2-20200520

    openvision-enigma2-develop-english-10.1-r151-dm800se-SIM2- 20200520 GCC 10.1 Glibc 2.31 GStreamer FFmpeg 4.2.2 Python 2.7.18 OpenSSL 1.1.1g Busybox 1.31.1 GnuTLS 3.6.13 Very important notes: * The image does not contain WiFi drivers permanently, it can be downloaded from the...
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    for ORIGINAL DM8000
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    for ORIGINAL DM8000
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    how can you change the 1.start logo

    how can change the 1.start logo Hello everybody, I have been trying to change the first start logo (bootlogo-dm8000.jpg) for hours because I don't like it. So far I have only managed the bootlogo.mvi, change backdrop.mvi, bootlogo_wait.mvi files. I would like to insert the picture here...
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    OpenPli 7.2 DM800HD SIM2.01-SSL84D_2020-04-26

    Oscam-Emu: 11576 Taapat YouTube(#785) Wifi: 5370 openpli 7.2 dm800hd sim2.01-ssl84d 2020-04-26
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    HowTo DM8000HD NC3 Japhar SIM

    Hello friends, I will receive my new Japhar SIM NC3 shortly. Openpli-6.2-release-dm8000-20200310.nfi is currently installed on my ORIGINAL DM8000. Can I simply flash the image in the Link via the Internet Explorer, if so what do I have to consider, thanks?
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    which oscam version is best for DM8000

    Hi friends, which Oscam version is currently the best for Dreambox 8000, with OpenPli 7.1 image and where can I find it, thanks
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    OpenPLi 7.2 Pre-release Test Images

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    DM 8000 OpenPLi 6.2 » Stable release

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    OpenPLi 7.1 » Pre-release test images

    DM 8000 OpenPLi 7.1 » Pre-release test images openpli-7.1-rc-dm8000-20190515
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    greatings from bavaria

    greatings from bavaria taekwondo