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    AC-4 codec is tested again on 10993.75 H
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    Black friday

    TBS has some discounts this weekend 🎄
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    Edit Conversion

    How can I edit a sent conversation? After clicking on Edit, it only offers to change Title of the conversation, but I can no longer edit the conversation itself
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    Is it possible to convert this PPC to Python or to ARM/MIPS ?
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    Which receivers can tune the new DVB-S2X transponders with Long and Short Frame mode? My box EDISION OS mio+ 4K with AVL6261C can only process Long Frame Mode. satellites.xml for testing DVB-S2X Long/Short Frame Mode <transponder frequency="10730000" symbol_rate="34285000" polarization="0"...
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    Has anyone tried to run PowerVu in Coolstream ?
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    Amiko Alien 2+ DVB-T2 neutrino

    Hi, in which neutrino image does the terrestrial tuner work with QAM256 in DVB-T2? Device: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 Basic capabilities: Name: "Tuner3-T/T2(T/T2/C)" Frontend-type: OFDM (DVB-T) Frequency (min): 47000.000 kHz Frequency (max): 863250.000 kHz...
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    OpenPLi 8.0

    OpenPLi 8.0 Release Candidate
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    DM8000 OpenPLi 7.2 Stable release
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    So starting with TSReader Professional 2.8.55a, we're including a utility to make extracting multicast transport streams in UDP, RTP or HRTP formats from PCAP and PcapNg files much simpler.
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    Italian Mediaset DTT Sat

    5W/12627H again switch to new QPSK mode without PLS with PLS Gold 8 with PLS Root 8 with PLS Gold 262140 SR-35000 ZDs7BUDKNoc
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    Al-Majd Network

    work now too on 7W/11137H or only 8W/11137H ?
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    Zeonbud start crypted T2-MI pid for MIS-30 in Irdeto.
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    Eutelsat 36 - T2-MI

    12262V , 12379V , 12418V - Africa T2-MI
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    scam command

    known detail about scam commands ? -s -k -v = scam version -? = debug
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    scam IRD<->CRW

    hi, maybe switch ICE card in scam to IRD mode ?
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    e2 + ISDB subtitles

    known e2-box-image with working ISDB subtitles ?
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    Intelsat 36

    Hi, maybe verified in South Africa band 11.2-11.45 and 11.7-12.5 from 68.5 East? switched on this sat Multichoice or DSTV/Freevision ?
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    ncam vs oscam

    what diferent ?
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    26 East - 12476 V

    Hi, maybe upload full TS stream 200~500 MB from: 26 East - 12476 V ? Regards