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    TBS card choice, Help

    Hello, I'm going to buy a TBS card and I need your help! I'm in doubt between TBS-6902 x TBS-5520 x TBS-6522, I want to buy, to watch the usual channels, and, MAINLY football feeds! (I want to open 4 games at the same time) Which one do you recommend, and why? thank you ;)
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    [America Reception] Are the 10.0E feeds are in band C or Ku band?

    Hi, I don't know if I can ask here, but the 10.0E feeds are in band C or Ku band? Here in America don't get ku band
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    Open BISS channels with CSA-Rainbow tables or other

    Hello, after several months researching the subject of football feeds and other events, I bought my equipment (antenna, deco, etc.). But unfortunately I am not successful in this part to open the Biss channels. I already downloaded the program and tables 08hx00h_, 08hxFFh_ with +/- 450GB on a hd...