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    Icecrypt S1600CHD Biss code entry

    I have an old box and the BISS codes have got wiped . I cannot reenter them , because the secret memory which ought to be available with 1407 does not work in CA . Has anyone got a solution to this problem? The box seems to be fine and detects a good signal from Intelsat 907 . I just need to be...
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    Amiko Mira wifi S2 satellite receiver.

    Has anyone had problems with this box ? Mine works fine for a short time , which varies between 5 minutes and 30 minutes , and then the picture breaks up. I have ruled out poor signal ( LNB fault or poor connection ) . I have also ruled out the power supply.
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    Amiko Mira wifi S2 satellite receiver.

    I said I would try to help a friend who bought this stb to watch channels on Intelsat 907. I was told that if I uploaded a patch programme into the box it would work. I tried 2 patches after extracting the files and putting them on a USB stick. When one didn't work ,I tried the other. The stb...
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    Amiko Mira wifi S2 satellite receiver.

    I have been told that this box can be tuned to receive UK TV channels via Intelsat 907 . Can anyone give me more information on this matter , please?
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    Intelsat 907 and watching UK TV

    Can anyone explain to me the situation with this satellite. I started using it via an Icecrypt box. I went through a big rigmarole the first time to get it to work , not least introducing the correct BISS codes. Later I set up boxes for friends and was surprised to find I did not need to enter...