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    Can you make a usb image from a flash image?

    I ask this because I would like to be able to put a second dgs type image onto my usb stick instaed of the e2 image I have there. How is that done - as I can't see any usb versions of the dgs images I can only see flash versions? Anyone?
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    How do you update Oscam on PGI 0.61?

    The version of Oscam in the latest DGS type PGI image uses an API wrapper. Does anyone know how to update the Sh4 Oscam executable? Also where do the config files go by default? Clearly the var/etc/oscam directory is not the normal default directory. And can one then run the updated version from...
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    Anyone got Oscam working as pure cccam client?

    I am using latest DGS type image (PGI Destroyah) I have edited the pgi.conf startup file to read SOFTCAM="oscam" and edited the associated key files which are in var/etc/oscam to read. #################### oscam.server below #################### [reader] label = server1 protocol = cccam device...
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    Script for using 2 mgcamd cccam client servers

    #!/bin/sh # title:Change Mgcamd Configuration # toggles 2 cccamd lists (cccamd1.list cccamd2.list) in var/bin # Copies keys to var/keys/cccamd.list # by Markybrook mkdir -p /var/tmp INCTXT1="Mgcam First Server Config" if [ -e /var/tmp/log2.txt ] then #Conf two code rm -rf /var/tmp/log2.txt...
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    New DGS image Sifteam 0.31 r11834 with emu

    Yet again can't get emu (mgcamd) to start with this DGS image. I know it's cloak and dagger but url2 was replaced and Mgcamd1.35 downloaded. Keys put in /var/keys. Yet again it doesn't work... can anyone give a clue as to what needs to be done..
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    Mgcamd recordings don't work for me

    I have a dilemma. I have found Mgcamd 1.35 to be more stable than Incubuscamd 0.97 and more compatible with Cccam 2.14. However on any DGS type image on a 9000HD Cuberevo(I have latest NLB) I notice recordings of scrambled programs only works for about 7 seconds. I can record unscrambled...
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    NLB 11694b for IPBOX 9000HD Hard Disk Fix

    This update is non-destructive (ie keeps all previous channels and cams) and restores the Hard Disk Function. It requires that NLB 11694b is already flashed.
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    Bugs in NLB 11694 DGS image

    This image is really stable and small. However it seems to have 2 quite serious bugs... 1) It does not seem to recognise the Hard Disk correctly. This is always greyed out in the menu. 2) The static IP address feature on the network does not seem to work. The Ip address simply defaults to DHCP...
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    Script for using 2 different incubus conf files

    Here is a script ( that will work creating 2 different incubusCamd.conf files (resident in /var/keys) named incubusconf1.conf and incubusconf2.conf > var/bin. It will toggle between the 2 conf files every time it is run. Copying each over alternately to be the resident...
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    Having 2 incubus.conf files

    I have a dgs image with 9000HD box. Does anyone know a way of having a menu that uses 2 different incubuscam.conf files that can be used for different service providers.
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    How can I use the scart out on 9000HD?

    I have a question concerning the scart out. I wish to use both scart and HDMI out. But I can only do this if I set the AV output to SD. This obviously loses the HD on the HDMI. Is there a way of having HD (1080i) on the HDMI and SD on the scart (560i) simultaneously?
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    DGS release r11102 adding a cam

    I know this image uses fps plugin starter but can anyone tell me in detail how to start Incubus with this image. It really isn't obvious!:eek:
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    HDMI and component outs on 9000hd

    I can't seem to get both HDMI and component out (serving upstairs TV) working together like they do on my Technomate 6900. Do I need to alter any settings any tips on getting them to work together? I am using latest Sifteam image.
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    Updating Video Codecs on 9000hd

    I can get some of my videos to play with the media player but I cannot play others that play perfectly well in WinXP under media player. Is it possible to update the video codecs in the box so that more videos become playable?
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    Hi Im Mark I have a motorised 1M Dish in SW London plus a HD TEchnomate 6900.