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  1. juli13

    Oscam icam patch

    That is oscam icam patch. Created by reverse enginnering (ghidra and debugger). And should come close to original patch
  2. juli13

    OSCam EMU with icam for SKY DE (stream relay)

  3. juli13

    Oscam with TNT 19.2E Emu support

    Oscam EMU Arm arch for Tnt 19.2 E
  4. juli13

    OScam/EMU arm64 (DM_One/Two Aarch64)

    Changeset 11603 with emu build juli13
  5. juli13

    Simplebuild 3 Final Release

    first Final Release V310
  6. juli13

    Oscam for BlackHole Image (IPK format)

    08/05/2019 -Updated with oscam-emu 11518 The oscam is dinamic linking with libcrypto 0.9.8 Build juli13
  7. juli13

    Oscam EMU Test

    Here you have a test oscam emu version, for improving the power vu decoding between the Des and Csa encryption Please test them according to your receiver and raport at this threat Here are the binary for ARM for Mipsel...
  8. juli13

    CCcam 2.3.2

    2.3.2 -network fixes
  9. juli13

    GCam emu ( Based on oscam)

    New GCam 1.0 EMU Mips, ARM.... by Master-str Note by juli13 I tested this emu, which is based on oscam, personaly I like more the oscam wich is open source and is more stable. I have not seen any improvment since it has not any changelog. Maybe it is more stable at cannalsat, this is what...
  10. juli13

    Ncam Arm pack for OE2.2-OE2.5 DM900 (deb file)

    Ncam 1.5 r-0 Arm pack for OE2.2-OE2.5 DM900 in Debian package Build juli13
  11. juli13

    Ncam Mips pack for OE2.2-OE2.5 (deb file)

    Ncam Mips 1.2-r3 mipsel official for OE2.2 in debian package Build juli13
  12. juli13

    Lastest Oscam modern

    Oscam modern include a new style in webif Is a development by Gorgone, uses Internal templates, only picons in .tpl format used externally.
  13. juli13

    Oscam compile with perfect patch

    Oscam perfect patch is a patch created by savan, which gives more option that are not included yet in oscam trunk. Some of perfect patch option are: - multics server detection (detect servers which runing multics and displays it under web info) - new acosc option "max ecms per minute"...
  14. juli13

    [HOW TO] Update Oscam To The Last Version

    I made this tutorial because many user ask how to update the oscam to the last version. This tutorial is made by juli13
  15. juli13

    Oscam for OE2.2-OE2.5 (deb file)

    Oscam Emu Mipsel for OE2.2-OE2.5 Update with oscam emu 11293 The oscam has dependieces for libusb-1.0-0.
  16. juli13

    Oscam arm for OE2.2-OE2.5 (deb file)

    Oscam emu 11289 for dream elite Image The oscam binary which is used, is oscam build for Dm900
  17. juli13

    OScam/EMU arm32 (DM900/920/all-VU4K, armv7)

    This is oscam 11284 for the new Dm900 UHD e Build juli13
  18. juli13

    EMU Cams IPK for Image (BlackHole, VTI, VIX, ATV)

    IPK softcam for Pli4.0 and Blackhole 3.xx Updated with oscam 11280
  19. juli13

    Oscam Emu SH4 (Ipbox, Octagon, Kathrein, Spark box)

    Changeset 11280 with emu Add support of ORF P4 Irdeto mode Binary explanation
  20. juli13

    Oscam Binary Explanation for Linux Receiver

    These are the Oscam binary explanation for each receiver mipsel = DM 500HD/800(SE)/7020HD/7025(+)/8000/VU+ (OE 1.6) image with old OE1.6 mipsoe20 = DM 500HD/800(SE)/820/7020HD/7025(+)/7080/8000/VU+ (OE 2.0) image with OE2.0 dreambox_fpu = DM 500HD/800SE/7020HD/8000/VU+ (OE 2.0 FPU) image...