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    List of forever server 4K boxes

    Could someone posted a list of boxes that use the forever server they are 4k and that have some support..
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    I have tried most of the image listed here for the SF8008

    I found that the two that work best is Enigma 10.1 and OpenATV 6.4 the rest of the images had bugs and I could get them to work right on the Octagon SF8008
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    What are PID's and why are the 481 Pid's and the 101Pid's so hard to find BISS Keys for?
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    Biss Key for 4k channels

    Anyone else find that you can't find BISS key for 4K channels with 481 PID? Any suggestion what to use to find them for 4k channels?
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    FORSale 2 Hellobox boxes

    FORSALE 2 Helloboxes scam is active for 2 yrs 80.00(US) PayPal ONLY USA ONLY BOTH FOR 80.00 shipping only in the USA
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    What is your go to software for Hard TO find Biss Keys

    What is your go to software for Hard TO find Biss Keys? Which software do you find best to find hard to find keys?
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    Cudabiss 2.5

    Has anyone able to use Cudabiss 2.5 to find a Biss key? I have try using it a few times, but it will NEVER LET ME PUT IN the PID number when I put the .ts file in, the screen just closes? Can someone explain to be how to get Cudabiss 2.5 to find Biss keys?
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    Hello anyone know to convert the HELLOBOX BISS Keys to CW Keys? The box will find the BISS keys but they are using a different format and I want to be able to use the keys on my FTA as well..
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    The Fight channel and Fantasy channel

    Anyone know what the deal is with the Fight Channel and Fantasy Channel Galaxy 23 w 3840 h 30000. For reason I can't get either on of these channels to work??
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    My B8hx030000h_10000hCSA-RBT v1

    My B8hx030000h_10000hCSA-RBT v1 has got corrupted some how, is it any way to rebuilt it, or is just best to re download it?
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    Finding Pre-key for PID 101 and PID 481

    Hello Each time with I have a 101 PID or a 481 PID all I can find is fake pre keys how do you find pre keys for these PID's?
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    What is the latest on AFN?

    I have not heard or seen anything on AFN? So what's the deal?
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    Question about PRE KEY PowerVu

    I have a question what is the deal on the pre-key like some PPV event ALL THE PRE-KEYS ARE FAKE no matter how long you recording time. what they using to pull the PRE KEY that is not a fake?
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    Question about making EMM groups

    I know the format to making a EMM group by using the sid of a TP.. My question is once you have got more then nine EMM groups how do you write 10 plus? example 0001 sid up tp 0009 how do you write a group once you have EMM 0009 groups? what format do you I use?
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    DvdDream and V-plug

    Hello I cannot get V-plug to show in DVDDream can someone show me how to make it show in DVDDream?
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    Anyone know which encryption being used

    127w 3760v 28076-3/4 which encryption is being used?
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    95w 3880 H 30000 BISS Channel showing no channel ID?
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    Biss key for ION 103w 4040 3000

    Looking for the Biss Key for ION 103w 4040 3000
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    Fashion One 4k

    Looking for the Biss Key for Fashion One 4k 101w 3780 H 30000
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    Oscam not letting me edit and save

    I have trouble with saving soft cam in Webif when I first update or install oscam I can go into Webif and edit and save my soft cam. After I edit the softcam a few times I get a cannot save using Webif I get an error message saying server is busy and it will not let me save anything to file...