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    Can I use oscam to decrypt a ts dump file?

    I found tsdecrypt at github. But fail to make it work. Can any one of you help me find a way to decrypt a saved ts file?
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    Where did the Adult content moved?

    Now to be honest If I have a need to watch I just used the IPTV list available. So I got disconnected to Satellite. Yesterday I was with a group of local people and the question arrived. Where did the Adult content moved on satellite? What I remember was that in America arch 40W and 43.1W.
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    CSA3 Sample

    I will like to see a recording of any variation of CSA3. Best is to have the Full transponder recorded. But as there is limited info any data is welcome. If you have only 1 channel encrypted well fine. But if you have the key even better. Thanks ahead.
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    How to split TS binary files

    Please notice that the following applications are not mine. So download and use is your responsibility. option 1 option 2...
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    Why RBT, Cudabiss and K2TSET PGFA BF may fail!.

    Rainbow tables still have it uses. But as time goes by, providers are adjusting sending padded bytes on the clear and the use of the adaptive filed. So RBT are no good some time. That does not necessary means it is not CSA. Tandberg V3 Logs I seen does not seems to me DES-EBC like powervu, as...
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    Hi to everyone. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this forum. Hope to be useful and help when I can. And love to learn from all of you.