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    FTA Belarus Football

    Eutelsat 7E 11182 H 4600 S2 4:2:0 ID: ROU015 feed B ISLOCH VS. NEMAN GRODNO FTA Edit: Active Again 22/03/2020: Event: Vyssaja Liha, BelShyna Babruisk v. Minsk
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    USB-TDT Dream Elite

    Hi! I tried to install USB-TDT PS3 (enigma2-plugin-drivers-dvb-usb-dib0700) Apparently it seems that it is installed well but when it comes to going to configure the tuner does not appear. Any help, please? [email protected]:~# lsusb Bus 004 Device 002: ID 1415:0003 Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002...
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    Asian Cup matches

    Hello! Someone from here is recording the Asian Cup matches? Thanks!
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    scan "unnamed" channels Dream-Elite

    Hi! I´m using Dream-Elite 6.0 on my DM920HD. I have a problem when I do a channels scan "unnamed" (specially on feeds), they are on scan but when I go to last the scan or channels list they do not appear anywhere. Is possible to fix this? Thank you!
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    Algerian HD channels

    Hi everybody! Still working the Algerian channels on Alcomsat 1 at 24.8°W? Last week I have signal but I try today and nothing Thanks you very much!
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    beOut Q Sports on Badr 26E

    Hi everybody! Anybody knows something about this channels on Badr? I try to scan but not signal from North of Spain. Is needed a special receiver? Thanks!
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    Powervu channels

    Hi everybody! I have this box. I´m looking information about powervu channels, this box is working with powervu? Thanks!
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    Help Mgcamd BISS keys

    Hi! I trying to this feeds with Mgcamd but I can´t Eutelsat 7A (7.0°E) 11144 V 7120 HD ID: GCUK Enc 1 Ipswich Town vs Norwich City I writte this one in Softcam.key but nothing F: 75310BC2 00 98934570F12ADEF9 ; F: 75310BC2 01 98934570F12ADEF9 ; Is the first time with this problem to open it...
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    Triple LNB con disecq 2×1

    Hola a todos! Tengo la siguiente duda, tengo una antena fija de 1m con este triple LBN (13E, 16E, 19E) funcionando a la perfección con muy buena calidad de señal. Quiero añadir a la instalación una antena para recibir el Astra 28E, sabéis si hay algún diseqc 2x1 que funcione con esta instalación...
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    Florida Cup

    Hi, the Florida Cup start tonight. Anybody knows with channels will broadcast the matches here in Europe or some feed to watch it? Thanks!
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    DM 820HD & C-Band

    Hi friend! I try to scanning all TPs on C-band but I have no lucky, I want to ask... Is possible to use blind scan on C-bland with DM 820HD? I trying to do but the parameters are for KU-band. Some help,please? Thanks
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    Powervu channels on 55W

    Hi friend! What channels are working on 55W with powervu keys? I trying TyC Sports, Telefe, El Trece and other but black screen. Some help,please? Thanks!
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    HDMI-in DM 820HD

    Hi friend! I have a new DM 820HD and I´m watching what it have two HDMI, one out and other in. Is possible to connect another device like beIN Sport AR and watch it on DM? Thanks!
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    Tv Congo on 13E

    Hi everybody. Tv Congo is gone on Hot Bird 13E? Thanks
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    RTVGE on 7E

    Hello! I have this channel but is black screen. Don´t work anymore or is crypted? Thanks
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    ORTC on 10E is gonne?

    ORTC on 10E is gonne? this was the fec... S 10840 V 3255 1/2 Thanks
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    SAFF Championship

    Hi friends! It's possible will have a feed for this competition for tomorrow? Thanks
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    FINAL Indian Football League

    Hi friends! Some feed to watch this final available in Europe? Thanks
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    TVT Int 9E

    Hi friends! Is this channel (TVT International on 9E) black screen or is a problem at my home? Thanks
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    ORTB 5W

    Hi. Is ORTB crypt? Thanks