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  1. ro_54

    Satellite Launch INFO

    here are the postings from SES website: "LAUNCH DATE | 04 OCTOBER 2022 SES-20 103˚W Launch vehicle: Atlas V Satellite manufacturer: Boeing Satellite System" "LAUNCH DATE | 04 OCTOBER 2022 SES-21 131˚W Launch vehicle: Atlas V Satellite manufacturer: Boeing Satellite System"
  2. ro_54

    Oscam versions

    You guys should test the new versions for compatibility. for ex version 1715 Compiled by @audi06_19, doesn't work on AFN. Same story for Juli13 build. only version Build By 😜 LINUXSAT25, works.
  3. ro_54

    Galaxy23 @ 121W

    I'm having trouble to lock on tp 4020V/34286/DVB-S2/QPSK, using a 10' mesh dish. It's just a blinking signal with no channels from scan. Any suggestions ?
  4. ro_54

    OpenVix for EDISION OS-mio 4K+

    latest version 6.2.010, from here: osmio 4k
  5. ro_54

    Latest version 11691 @MOHAMED_OS build

    Same problem as the previous 11691 version: "error: oscam webif disabled"
  6. ro_54

    Oscam sh4 does not start

    Doesn't start on Amiko 8900. This one by Audi06, does work: oscam-svn11688-oe20_sh4-webif-dvbapi-emu798.tar
  7. ro_54


    all channels are FTA...for now !
  8. ro_54

    123W, 4080v

    new tp & powervu channels: NBC Sports Network, Golf Channel US, Telemundo West, TV One, E! West, Universal Kids West
  9. ro_54


    Is in FTA .....for now.
  10. ro_54

    latest oscam 11678

    "Oscam 11678 emu798 @MOHAMED_OS wrote: -Add the ability to read the Softcam file from the Internet You must edit your Emu reader and add it Code: device = Your Link" it's pointless as it will help the providers to blackmail the keys.
  11. ro_54

    Softcam.Key Enigma2 for American Satellites chat

    Thx Rambohack for the file, but most of your channel hash # are wrong, acording to my boxes (dm, vu+), and they are opening the channels with the hash # shown by oscam on the webif, and not with yours !!!
  12. ro_54

    OScam arm stop after few min

    latest version 11594 juli13 build: same story as version 11590; stops, and needs to be manually started, but it stops after few minutes. Restart (yellow button), not available on the softcam manager screen.
  13. ro_54

    Latest 11590 version

    for years i was using the files from "OScam/EMU Arm DM900/920UHD/VU4K", on my vu+zero 4k. starting with version 11588 to 11590, oscam stops after few minutes. i can't see the log with webif. if i go on the softcam menu on the box, restart botton (yellow), is not usable (actually the Restart text...
  14. ro_54


    what is the difference in this version ? any benefits vs old oscam-11581-_dream-emu ? is it useable for same stb ?
  15. ro_54


    set up azbox minime for a friend, with oscam 11578-emu for mipsel. in webif, i got "found by emulator", but black screen !!!
  16. ro_54

    Oscam Questions

    oscam/oscam-emu version 11568, has an issue with losing sound when changing channels from V to H polarity. tested on 2 boxes with mipsoe2.0 and arm chip. anybody else ?
  17. ro_54

    Freesat V7max

    latest bin:
  18. ro_54

    oscam-emu 11523r796 ipk for PLi by enigma1969

    "git-svn-id:[email protected] 4b0bc96b-bc66-0410-9d44-ebda105a78c1this"= link does not work: "Not Found The requested URL /svn/oscam/[email protected] was not found on this server."
  19. ro_54


    is it possible to open tandberg/director channels with oscam ?
  20. ro_54

    Oscam 11501 ARM V7 with and without EMU

    doesn't work on my vuzero4K. anybody else having issues with 11501 ?