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    Manual for sunray4 DM800 se sr4 anyone please

    Hello After a period away from my sunray4 DM800 se sr4 I find I am very rusty about it and need its manual. I can't find mine anywhere so wondered if anyone had a link so that I can download it. Thanks number77
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    What new box to get

    Hello I have a dm500 clone, and a sunray4 and am thinking of getting a new box that could get iptv. What would you suggest. Thanks number77
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    Tdirectshowplayer message driving me bonkers

    Hello I am having problems installing dvb dream 2.6 and get message Tdirectshowplayer error. Has anyone any idea what this means and how I can solve it. Thanks number77
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    Keyboard shortcuts for dcc editor

    Hello Does anyone have any keyboard shortcuts for the editor in DCC. I have control+y to delete a full line but cut and paste would also be very usefull. Thanks number77
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    Can I read the buffer

    Hello Is it possible to play the buffer on a dm800hdse sunray 4. I can ftp to it and see recordings. Thanks number77
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    dm500s giving noise on ethernet

    Hello I have a strange problem with dm500s {eagle}. If I poll the router with dm500 off I get a noise figure of 11db and sync speed of 1762k. If I switch the dm500 on sync speed drops to 800kish with noise about 8db. Its causing me problems as Im at the end of a long line so dont want any...
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    Zap history seems to love me

    hello Is it possible to delete the zapping history in gemini 4.70 no bomb image on a dm500s clone. Its a good image except I cant find any way to get rid of history :(without unplugging the box Thanks number77
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    Cant record to usb on dm800se

    Hello How I have a dm800se with nemesis 2.4 and would like to be able to record to a usb flash drive. How do I do it. There is no internal drive. Thanks number77
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    HD Edge-Nemesis with cccam 2.14

    Hello Im used to dm500s but am getting a dm800se, sim 2.10. I would like to use an edge nemesis image if possible with cccam about 2.14. Is this possible and any chance of link. Thanks number77
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    dm800, rewind live tv?

    Hello Is it possible to rewind live tv, the channel you are watching, on a dm800hd se pvr. Thanks number77
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    Any good DVB player for linux

    Hello Is anyone using a good dvb player for linux, in particular puppy linux but anything would be interesting. Thanks number77
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    Does my image need upgrading

    Hello I have a dm500s running Edge Nemesis v44 dated 22 12 2oo8 and cccam 2.14. I see much later Edge Nemesis images and later cccams question is is there any point updating and if so to what. Id like to stick to edge images. Thanks number77
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    Converter xml to hnf

    Hello Is there any editor or way I can convert an xml settings file to hnf for use in a 5400. Thanks number77
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    Which plugin for CCcam and c+s

    Hello Id like to try CCcam and dvb viewer and c+s, which plugin should I use or how. Thanks number77
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    Two questions realy about CCcam.cfg

    If I edit CCcam.cfg in DCC and change something and save it, it replaces the cfg file on the dm500. Question is do I need to reboot the box. Next question is what does the hash at the beginning of each line do.
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    How do I access Satans key updater

    Hello I have just put on Nemesis 4.4 cccam_dreambox to my dm500. I downloaded Satan-key-updater but cant find how to access it and update any keys. Any ideas please thanks number77
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    What emu uses softcam

    Hello I would like to use a softcam with my dvb usb card, like for example Mikames as they are easy to edit. What uses the softcam. Im using dvb dream 1.5c and it has hadu,vplug,acamd. I usualy use vplug and vkeys and vsids. Thanks number77
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    Teleclub Swiss Cable. Where is it

    Hello Where is Teleclub Swiss Cable and is it only for cable receivers. Thanks number77
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    Nabilosat key updater needed

    Hello I have a dm500, nabilosat darkstar 2 image and cant find the internal internet key updater. Does it have one or have I damaged it. Also could I add others. Thanks, number77
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    dcc and ftp problem

    Hello Im trying to install web-x-tv_firefox.tar to tmp on my d500 so that I can manually install it on the d500. Im using dcc 296 and d500 has nabilosat darkstar2. Dcc says it has ftpd the file over to tmp but when I try to manually install on the box it cant find it. Its got freespace in var...