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    FIFA WC 2022 on 4K

    Hi friends, please post 4K sat feeds here
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    Oscam for “DVB Dream”

    Hi friends, please give me advice, how I can install oscam for “DVB-Dream”. Thanx
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    4:2:2 Optimal PC Configuration

    What is the optimal configuration Thanx
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    Install OpenPli on "[email protected] 60HD"

    How to install??? Please post the steps. After install "" i don't know the next step. THANX FOR ALL
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    Which 4k receiver has the most sensitive tuner

    Pleas post yours top 5 UHD Receivers
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    Receivers open VCC / H266 ???

    Please post VCC/ H266 receivers. Thanx all
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    Latest DVB Dream Transponders

    First make "0019.ini" (for Bulgaria Sat 1) file whit Notepad, paste tranponders on INI Paste this: [SATTYPE] 1=0019 2=BulgariaSat 1 [DVB] 0=11 1=12188,H,30000,23,8PSK 2=12207,V,30000,23,8PSK 3=12225,H,30000,23,8PSK 4=12341,H,30000,23,8PSK 5=12303,H,30000,23,8PSK 6=12360,V,30000,23,8PSK...
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    "IMGA A EU" not encrypt whit Poc Finder 1.6
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    NeoSat Bulgaria (1.9e)

    The new Bulgarian satellite provider start after seven days.
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    New Channels on Bulsatcom @ 39°e

    New transponder activated DVB-S 12524 H 30000 2/3 QPSK With new encoding (NAGRA) and old (Bulcrypt)
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    IMG A EU (Eutelsat 7°e) Tandberg

    Please all why when encrypted in Tandberg. Is the key never found/posted, only when this channel/feed is Biss do I see the key why?
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    Oscam Conf for A1(Bulgaria 39°) CAID: 0B00

    Please post example config for local card, i know only MhZ:1200 Thanks All This is my for A1, but not work: [reader] label = A1 description = A1 enable = 1 protocol = internal device =...
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    Tivu Stream chat

    I installed plugin and open. How to play channels?
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    Usals OpenPli7

    Hello everyone, would you like to tell me how to make my Usals settings for OpenPli7? Thanx
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    Oscam-Emu GX (Octagon SX88)

    How to change oscam confs for watch AFN? Thanx
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    Pure E2 6.2 imges for all receivers

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    Gshare 3 Plugin E2 images

    Please someone to say if there is a plugin for Linux E2 ARMv7 receiver. Thanx
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    Oscam Autoroll PowerVu keys WORK on AFN

    OSCam-emu r11518-796 Oscam.server [reader] label = emulator protocol = emu device = emulator disablecrccws_only_for = 0E00:000000 caid = 0D00,0D02,090F,0500,1801,0604,2600,FFFF,4AE1,0E00,1010,1FFF,5602 detect = cd ident =...
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    Autoroll B155 in Oscam-Emu

    Hello, is there an Oscam auto update setting?
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    Oscam 09BD (45°e)

    What it means, work or not??? Oscam-Emu r11505-791: [reader] label = vivacom description = vivacom protocol = internal device = /dev/sci0 caid = 09BD boxid = ******** fix07 = 0 detect = cd cardmhz = 3150 ident = 09BD:000000 group = 7 emmcache = 1,3,2,0 read_old_classes = 0 2019/04/01 14:51:47...