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    Equidia Pro International (Equidia Inter/Pro P1) (13°E)

    Equidia Pro International add via 4:thum: 0DB7 0000 0000 043900 0500 France Telecom (Viaccess) -ECM: 10*184 B/s - 13°E [Hotbird 8] 12380V S/R 27500 FEC 3/4
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    TNTSat New Viaccess module for Vplug

    New Viaccess module. TNT SAT for dvb dream work alt dvb & prog dvb not work thx zakari
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    Total Tv on Astra 3A/3B @ 23.5° East

    Total Tv on Astra 3A/3B @ 23.5° East 11817 V 27500 3/4 12051 V 27500 3/4 12207 V 27500 3/4 :thum:
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    Hacked ORF

    Neben den hochauflösenden Sendungen des Österreichischen Rundfunks über Astra 19,2 Grad Ost sind auch die Privatsender ATV, Puls4 Austria, Austria 9 TV sowie das AustriaSat-Bouquet mit insgesamt 14 Bezahlsendern wie RTL Living, MTV Music, Sportdigital und Hustler TV von dem Hack betroffen.Die...
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    Mediaset 13E

    ADD NEW ECM 0C KEY ACTIVE 054A 0000 0000 0000B1 0100 Canal Plus (SECA/MediaGuard) Mediaset (13E/5W) ECM: 10*184 B/s -
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    Nova Service 23E

    12168 V 27500 1771 0000 0000 041E00 0500 France Telecom (Viaccess) -ECM: 5*184 B/s - Nova Service 23E ccws key stop plz key thx
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    Program has cut its We are just propaganda
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    Red Hot Sex TV Change the system name

    Red Hot Sex TV 1 =====> feextv Red Hot Red Hot Sex TV 2 =====> xtream tv Red Hot Red Hot Sex TV 3 =====> FRENCHLOVER TV Red Hot Red Hot Sex TV 4 =====> xtsy Red Hot add 1D92 0000 0000 041700 0500 France Telecom (Viaccess) -ECM: 5*184 B/s -
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    MEZZO 13e

    MEZZO 13e all time fta? Systems removed from the list
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    Redlight 3D-HD/HUSTLER HD/3D on Hotbird 13e 11411

    Redlight 3D-HD on Hotbird 13e Redlight 3D-HD(3787) PMT:0B5C VPID:0B5D APID:0B5E CAID:0628 ProvID:000000 EMM:0CF4 CAINFO: ecm:0D16 caid:0628 provid:00000000 HOOK ECM:0D16 CAID:0628 PROVID:00000000 EMM:0CF4 ECM(0D16->0628:000000:3787): 81 70 39 41 00 00 00 0A 00 08 8A 30 A7 5A 07 F3 D8 79...
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    Penthouse HD 9e

    This network has no image:(black screen:mecry: For friends Image is?
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    TVB 9E

    hi TVB 9E ccws key stop plz key thx
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    OSN 7w

    OSN Is removed ca-id 0668 irdeto
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    Happy Birthday [email protected]

    Happy Birthday [email protected]
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    irdeto2 Algorithm

    Irdeto Sage Demo Key Calculator - Art   #include <psppower.h> #include <pspkernel.h> #include <pspdebug.h> #include <pspctrl.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdarg.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <pspdisplay.h> #include <pspaudiolib.h> #include <pspaudio.h> #include <png.h>...
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    BiS TV (13E,5W,19.2E,12.5W) **Chat Only here, No keys** [Whats Up/Down]

    AB MOTEURS 020810 DOWN (020820 OK) TF1 020810 DOWN (020820 OK) XXL DOWN Dorcel TV DOWN
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    RAI (13°E) AU Keys(chat)

    Why does not work for vplug?:( Whether this button is active? RAI (13°E) AU Keys
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    Decrypt-v2 to decrypt BIS TV CHAT

    Decrypt-v2 to decrypt BIS TV TESTD NOT WORK
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    Sirius 4 has new name: Astra 4A

    Sirius 4 has new name: Astra 4A:thum: ASTRA 4A ASTRA 4A is a multi-mission Ku/Ka-band satellite located at 5° East. It offers services for direct-to-home (DTH) broadcasting, cable TV feeds, occasional transmissions and broadband solutions. This satellite provides services to the Nordic...
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    Viaccess 3 Algorithm

    ECM: 80702C019003032828E2033CD4A2E2033CD47BEA10990F4775 065F9B270B2948504D4FE602F0087137CFF87594C028 CWs: 990F4775065F9B27 0B2948504D4FE602 processDw->inputCW:990F4775065F9B27 Via3x_Core->init indata:065F9B2700000000 Via3x_Core->final indata:40D51E93E25FAE81 Via3x_Fct1:40D51E93815FAEE2...