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    OpenATV 5.3-dm520 backup by intercepter

    OpenATV 5.3-dm520 backup by intercepter This backup is based on openatv-5.3-dm520-20161231 image Backup includes plugins: IPTV Player Kodidirect 2.0 Mediaplayer2 TsTube 1.2 by mfaraj57 (best You Tube E2 plugin) Cams:CCcam (ver.2.1.3),OScam emu (svn11213) SubsSupport downloader...
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    DM 520 HD plugins problem

    I have problem with ts tube and iptv player on OpenPli image- Sound is ok but no picture.On IPTV Player I get info ''h.264 decoder''.Is it possible fix this bug on OpenPli image?
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    DM500HD scheme?

    Where I can find el. scheme for DM500HD?If somebody have this scheme ,please send me.Thanks.