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    channel list to vu+ solo2 how ?

    Hello, I just got a solo2 and I managed to flash a BH image after several attempts , I need now a guide how to upload channel list to the box and how or which folder you do send the cams or extensions ipk. thank you
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    looking for a bavkup?

    Hi iam looking for someone full backup with a working you tube plugin Thank you
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    which tuner?

    Hello you the experts, I want to buy a dr4eambox800 HD se and I have been offered to choose which tuner comes with it, but I haven't got a glue. Any idea which tuner is best for that particular box? thank you
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    channel list ?

    Hi there Where I can download a channel list in SDX format ? Thank you
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    من فضلكم جهاز clever 1

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته اريد ملف القنوات لجهاز vision clever1 من فضلكم
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    vision clever 1

    Bonjour je veux la liste de chaines de vision clever1 svp Merci
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    excuse my ignorance

    I have a DM 800 HD clone and I learned from this forum few basic things among them Where to put the C line to watch TV, I do read some terms and words, which they do not make, sense to me, like simcard 1, 2, 2.0.1… I have a question for you the expert What is simcard? and how important is it...
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    blankhole 2.1.2 for DM800 HD

    I am looking for an image blackhole 2.1.2 for DM800 HD? Thanks
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    which fife system should i format the HDD?

    Do I format it using file system EXT3 or fat32?
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    Is Tspanel compatible with dream elite?

    Hi there I want to install Tspanel on dream elite image DB800 hd I have tried almost all the version without joy, I wonder if it's possible to install it on dream elite v 4? Thank you
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    dreamEDIT giving error message again

    Hello I am trying to send a new setting to dreambox 800 HD clone and I am getting this error, what I am doing wrong? Thank you Connecting to Connected. Dreambox response: Login successful. ** Getting directory list /etc/enigma2/* ** Starting FTP transfer Transfer complete **...
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    HD chanels problem?

    Hi what happen to HD channels, I can't view them anymore in Astra 28.2 E?
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    dreambox edit report error

    Hi there I have disabled anti-virus and firewall then tried as normal procedure to transfer E2 channels list to dreambox - Does anyone know why I am getting this error? Connecting to Connected. Dreambox response: Login successful. ** Getting directory list...
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    Sat-Link WS-6906

    Hi folks anyone has the loader and the instruction to update the meter please I have got the bin file for Europe thank you.
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    how to install emu file?

    Hi can you please tell me to install emu file like "cccam 2.30" on dreambox 800hd Thank you
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    youTube plugin?

    can someone tell me how to install YouTube plugin or tsmedia in Newnigma2 v4.0.9. I've tried the obvious things without success. Thank you
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    dreamup taking so loooong

    Hello, if flushing via dream up how long usually should take to complete? I had to use dream up because I flushed the wrong image again, and that was since 11:45 this morning and still only the quarter of the bar, and it's 14:45. it does not look AL wright.
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    dreambox edit problem

    Hi is there a method so i can upload the setting manually, because dreambox edit wont connect to the box despite putting the correct ip address, DCC does connect but not DE
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    Loking for cross epg

    Loking for cross epg plugin Hi I have installed new enigma image and it looks the business to me after long time, but it seems I can't see where I can download crossepg plugin. it's not available through "manage extension" red button. can sone one please post where I can download it? and how or...
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    HDD question

    hi i want to put hdd drive in dm800, i format it in the PC to save time through third party program in ext3 not FAT32 but the DM wont start properly it hangs in the welcoming page, I checked all the connections to no aval. should i reformat it back to NTFS and then from DB i format it to EXT...