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    HDMI IN recording chances

    Hello I found that HDMI IN recording is possible only on these boxes of mine: -Xtrend ET10000, any image; -Vu+ 4k SE, only with images Blackhole and VTI. This is not possible on Dreambox DM900 and Gblue Quad 4k. Can anybody submit a solution? Thanks
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    Softcams for TITANIT image

    Hello Can anybody please submit the address to get softcams Thanks
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    No audio in HDMI in recordings ET 10000

    Hello I found that instant recordings from any source to HMDI input, result in audio-less playback: a solution is timer recording. Does anybody know why? I also heard that use of a HDMI splitter is another solution: why? what kind of splitter? Thanks for anybody's reply
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    Help Alien2 SuperipTV/NovoeTV - Spark 1.2.68

    Hello friends Can anybody submit: 1. Server's names/addresses to run SuperipTV; 2. Credentials to access NovoeTV. Thanks for help/Ciao
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    Help Alien 2 plugin installer - fw Spark 1.2.68

    Hello Plugin installer has stopped downloading files from original server Can anybody submit alternative servers' address(es)? Thanks/Ciao
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    Alien2 - How to load softcam keys?

    Hello Can anybody explain how to load these keys from the very beginning? I tried by a USB stick, without success. I'm a beginner, and I could not understand the procedure by reading similar posts. Thanks in advance. Ciao
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    Blackhole 1.79 stuck on booting

    Hello The receiver is stuck on booting, Starting gui permanent. Grateful for help Thanks/Ciao
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    Alien2/Enigma/network setting

    Hello I have tried 3 different images (HDMU 1470, Spark 7162 Hybrid openpli, HDF v.1.2) and initial network setting consists of using interface and DHCP options. Select YES on both, but reply is "internet not working" even repeating the procedure many times, LAN cable being duly connected. Also...
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    Undesired timer on instant recording

    Hello BH image 1.7.8 running. USB portable HDD mounted for recording. On instant recording command, no matter which recording mode, this notice is displayed: "in order to rec a timer, the TV was switched to the recording service", but recording doesn't start, a timer is set but not activated...
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    USB HDD recording: only ext3/4?

    Hello I found that many images (such as LSK happy birthday) do not accept for recording USB HDDs formatted NTFS or FAT, showing that re-format ext3/4 is required. Is this requirement imperative, or is there a way to use them as they are? Grateful for help Ciao
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    Softcams Vu+ultimo LSK Happy Birthday

    Hello Cams other than existing Cccam 2.3.0 cannot be installed through TS panel. Can anybody tell how to install more, and which ones are suitable for this image: Cams AAF, Blackhole, Egami or what else? Thanks