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    Viark Sat 4k

    Not sure where would the manufacturing date be on the receiver?
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    Viark Sat 4k

    Ok the date on the receiver is AUG 2022 so I guess that mean is would be 6.00
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    Viark Sat 4k

    Ok I just got the box like a week ago..
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    Viark Sat 4k

    Question what was the original factory firmware that came on Viark 4K satellite receiver?
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    Viark Sat 4k

    what is TV Stick ? is it way to see a list of what you get?
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    Viark Sat 4k

    I have the same question I just got mine
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    Viark Sat 4K and 60 Hz refresh rate (USA Standard)

    Which firmware version are you using ?
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    Viark Sat 4k

    why won't Viark Sat 4k work on PowerVu, I thought it works on AFN ??? Viark Sat 4k
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    Which crypted package would you like to be hacked?

    Do a search on here
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    List of forever server 4K boxes

    Could someone posted a list of boxes that use the forever server they are 4k and that have some support..
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    I have tried most of the image listed here for the SF8008

    I found that the two that work best is Enigma 10.1 and OpenATV 6.4 the rest of the images had bugs and I could get them to work right on the Octagon SF8008
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    What are PID's and why are the 481 Pid's and the 101Pid's so hard to find BISS Keys for?
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    Biss Key for 4k channels

    Anyone else find that you can't find BISS key for 4K channels with 481 PID? Any suggestion what to use to find them for 4k channels?