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    Oscam Emu Chat Thread

    of course you need ICAM server as well
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    OpenATV 1.1 Softcam feed.ipk for 4k Receiver

    OpenATV Softcamfeed With FTP over Telnet: wget -O - -q | bash reboot
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    Guten morgen

    die sind leider bei Allen weg.......
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    OpenPLI in Octagon 8008

    how to flash octagon sf8008 1) Download latest Enigma2 Image of your choice. 2) USB 2.0or 3.0 minimum 2 GB USB stick formatted with FAT32. 3) Unpack the image and copy BOTH the ‘octagon‘ folder and the ‘usb_update.bin‘ to root of the USB stick. 4) Turn off the box. 5) Plug the USB...
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    dm920 - Python3 - openPLi (homebuild)

    - cccam 2.3.2, oscam, oscam-emu, oscam-icam, oscam-cak7 (port 8888) 😉
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    octagon sx88 4k uhd s2

    of course you can watch multistream TV on Octagon SX88 4K UHDS2
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    Nickname change

    thanks mate
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    Nickname change

    please change again my nickname to >>>>>>SAT_Nobody<<<<<<< thanks
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    I'm glad to read it, I wasn't expecting anything else
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    If you have installed oscamicam, you only need to enter your line provider in oscam server file, otherwise do not change anything like this run with my best [reader] label=Icam 1 protocol=cccam device=line provider user=line provider password=line provider dropbadcws=1 cccversion=2.3.2...
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    I have tried most of the image listed here for the SF8008

    On my Octagon SF80084k run OpenATV 7.1, OpenBlackHole and PurE2 without problems
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    Latest firmwares for Edision

    Progressiv NANO v.1422 23/2/2021
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    dm920 - Python3 - openPLi (homebuild)

    when I go to teletext, a continuous loop begins, you can fix that
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    @ barney115 thats what i ask too ok but why you not compile this oscam?
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    Guten morgen

    treibst Du hier auch Dein Unwesen 🤣😂 das ist alles bekannt und daran wird gearbeitet