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    "Dreambox" iptv logins (2020/dec/12)

    :eek: :nana:
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    'EMBY Logins' (2020 /dec/12)

    EMBY logins will be posted here :eek: :nana:
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    Astra Panel IPTV Logins

    Astra panel iptv logins will be posted here :) Stream link There are more channels on this astra panel just need to be enabled. Will post the login to panel in 20 minutes :D find more channel #sat-universe or...
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    ***HBO MAX subscriptions

    As the topic says, hbo max logins :eek: login username = [email protected] password = braden03 :thum:
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    DREAMBOX *iptv*

    Dreambox satellite :) :thum: Popular satellite ird imo and will be for a long time! :p One thing when connecting to these linux boxes for .m3u8 or m3u if the owner of the dreambox has poor internet speeds then you will get freezing and channel glitching quite a...
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    WWE NETWORK *awesomeness* enjoy

    OHHH YEAH!!! WWE NETWORK boys n girls :D:nana: Now at sat-universe :clapping: Go to :eek: sign in and get to see the next upcoming pay-per-view :eek: Login= [email protected] password= crusader :thum:
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    DIRECT TV *enjoy*

    Direct TV satellite tv VPN Required for USA :eek: Go to the direct tv website and login with this :nana: Login= [email protected] Password= yanks1996 With people who have gaming computers or high end computers with good gpu this will run great! :thum:
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    Starz Subscriptions

    Starz subscriptions will be posted here :nana: Login= [email protected] Password= tug884 :p
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    HULU Subscriptions

    Hulu Subscriptions will be posted here! :thum:
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    TVheadend Servers

    TVheadend Servers :rolleyes: server iptv link source xmltv (epg guide) link :eek:
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    Disney + Subscriptions

    Disney plus subscriptions for movies & tv stuff :rolleyes: edit: PASSWORD Was Changed [ Thanks to whichever total immature idiot done that ] :mad: :eek:
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    Hmm, Should I ???

    Should I buy a satellite dish and ird receiver for tv? What would the point really be when everything is now "streamed" online over an app or software :rolleyes: Years ago it was great, back in the rom10x and sattech days but why would one bother today? :confused: Only reason I can think of is...
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    XBOX ONE IPTV & Movies/TVshows

    Download the jellyfin app on your xbox one. Add server always with http:// or https:// in front of ip unless you have your own server on network as etc.. Username = Victor password = leave it blank :nana:
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    SlingTV usa only player

    SlingTV player works in usa only (unless on vpn) Username = [email protected] Password = Perfect0s!
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    Movies-TVshows-IPTV (Jellyfin)

    :thum: Will be posting emby servers for everyone to enjoy as well as jellyfin which is the same except open source. To keep things simple I will only be posting them on this thread only. ;) login by clicking evensteven nick [url=]