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    protek 9750

    hi please can any member help I have 2 protek 9750HD sat boxes and they have come to the end of there life that only certain channels open so my question is,is there any type of firmware or software I maybe able to use to get them working again with a few more channels opening any help or...
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    hi to all the members on this brilliant site just wondering if any body else has lost a lot of the hd channels any reply would be very helpful yours thankfully happy12
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    I see there is an official update for the 270cn on the official website 614 release
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    mvision 260 wifi

    hello I hope im allowed to ask this question if not im very sorry and please delete what I would like to know is how can I load softcams on to my mvision 260 wifi if any one knows it would be really much appreciated thanks in advance happy12
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    good morning

    just thought i would introduce myself and say good morning to every one