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    Anyone can guide me in the radar field. With flesystem dezember until the end of 2009, can this perfect performance with only 25 radar. I have already installed the new filestem after dezember, new radars, they do not work. I had to megcamd active radar with 25, managed a perfect performance...
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    Help, filesystem updates

    :mecry:HELP The box had a fault, lost the IP was able to update the IP, with a crossover cable. I got the box, worked well. The box works well, but in the field of filesystem updates, no. I have the ultimate bootloader in May 2010. When I try to upgrade the back box to lose the IP and I will...
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    Help lost my IP QBoxHD

    Help. My QBoxHD this com 1st frozen image, this image shows the QBoxHD IP, IP lost. I tried to restore Bootloard, but I can not by the traditional method, I have no IP-Box. Already off the QBoxHD, 1h power to recover BOOT, but nothing. Someone knows how I can enter to restore Bootloard QBoxHD...
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    Help with emu 8000 vantage of 24/04/2010

    Hello, somebody can help me with the Vantage 8000. I put the emu for vantage HD x02.55.01 day 24/04/2010. Works fine, but later wanted to return to emu hd025501 day 12/12/2010, I am not allowed. I tried to put the emu original HD 8000, will not let me make this change. I noticed that this same...