25-02-2014, 17:22
LT.X SP1 for DM8000HD PVR - LT Revision (3808)

Latest updates from LT Team...

Hello everyone!!!

LTX is updated with SP1! Good news for v2 box owners also. Added support for DM800SEv2 and DM7020HDv2 . DM500HDv2 will follow in the near future.

Release notes:


OE 2.0 ( Git - opendreambox.git/summary)

dm800, dm8000, dm7020hd, dm7020hdv2, dm500hd, dm500hdv2, dm800se, dm800hdv2 20131228

dm7020hd, dm7020hdv2, dm500hdv2, dm800sev2 #88
dm800, dm8000, dm500hd, dm800se #84

20140214 Git - enigma2.git/summary

20140213 master
LT revision:
LT.X.1 3808 lt
LT.Ninth.4 3803 lt9

LT Update(s):
* dm500hd and dm800se no longer install LT6.HD skin by default and save some space in flash.
* Added GST_SUBTITLE_ENCODING="UTF-8" to Enigma2 startup so subtitles in MediaPlayer should display correctly.

Known Issue(s):

Important note(s):
Please read at about update before installing the image, it is a must if you update from older images like LT6!

LT.X.1-dm8000.nfi (

anwar saheb
25-02-2014, 18:54
thank u

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