Sat4Fun images-1.0 DM8000HD-OE1.6-Beta

20-09-2012, 14:24
Sat4Fun Team images DM800HD-OE1.6 basted on openPLI2.1 Beta

Special To Thanks

PLI team For baste Images
Mfaraj57 For Blue panel
ramiMAHER For Graphic
Marcin0 For Skin-Graphic
Merdas For Skin-Graphic
Praia For Graphic
Ruizinho For Graphic
sat gr

Main sat4fun panel 1.0

EMU manager
Files manager
Feed reader
System information
Team members

Main Tools panel

1-Device manager
2-Image flash backup
3-Setting packup
4-Settings loader
5-Satellite manager
6-screen Grabber
7-Swap manager
8-Script Manager
9-Language Manager

Main Application panel

2-Live Football
3-Net radio
4-My tube
5-VLC Player
6-Shout cast
7-M-mail reader
8-Google News

List of cam available to download from
EMU Manager

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