Latest Version Windows Essentials Codec Pack

mohammed tanko
15-02-2012, 19:20
Windows Essentials Codec Pack 4.0

New and improved features:

Added support for WebM files
Added AC-3 in MP4 support
Added a 64-bit version(s)
New multi-threaded H.264 decoder: ffmpeg-mt
DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD bitstreaming support for the ATI Radeon HD5000 series, ASUS Xonar sound cards and Intel Clarkdale CPUs
New color space converters:

Supported input color spaces: progressive YV12, progressive NV12, YV16, YUY2
Supported output color spaces: RGB24, RGB32
High quality chroma upscaling
Added dithering to reduce "banding"
Support for color primary parameters such as ITU-R BT.601/709, input and output levels
RGB conversion done in 11-bit or higher
Significant improvements in YV12 -> YUY2, YUY2 -> RGB, and YV12 -> RGB conversion performance
Requires SSE2-capable CPU; for better performance multi-core CPU recommended

New RGB conversion options:

Output levels ("Computer monitor" or "TV/Projector")
YCbCr specification "Auto" (uses H.264's VUI or width > 1024: BT.709, width <= 1024: BT.601)

Various improvements in the Subtitle filter:

Improved rendering quality, memory usage and performance
General code cleanup
SSA/ASS subtitles: better compatibility (support for position & move tags), better calculation of line wrapping, new dialog to configure ASS specific options. Also support added for ASS tags within SRT subtitles (SubViewer)

FFDShowAPI: .NET wrapper around FFDShowRemoteAPI allows integration of ffdshow with third-party applications

Improved subtitle/audio streams detection; now compatible with most filters handling the IAMStreamSelect interface
New command to disable FF/RW OSD
When using absolute positioning, x and y coordinates are now representing pixels instead of percentages
Added new parameter to determine the duration in which a message will be displayed

OSD settings are now based on the current ffdshow preset; this allows turning OSD on/off using the "Automatic preset loading" mechanism
Buffered video RAM access improves video memory access in certain scenarios
AviSynth filter now uses AviSynth's frames for buffering which improves performance and reduces the filter's memory usage
"Max. amplification" in the Normalization filter will only be applied after pressing "Apply"
Better handling of DVD menus
Improved autocrop algorithm
Added RealVideo 8 (RV30) support
Added soft telecine detection
Added several new preset autoload conditions
libavcodec is now used by default to decode Theora videos
libavcodec is now used as Dolby TrueHD decoder instead of MLP
Various updates to libavcodec

18-06-2012, 14:41
Windows Essentials Codec Pack 4.1

Highlights of this release:
- Added a 64-bit version
- New H.264 decoder
- Improved subtitle rendering
- Support for DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD bitstreaming

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