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OpenESI 5.0 DM 7020HD

DM 7020HD Images

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Default OpenESI 5.0 DM 7020HD

k@y Red: Epg or New!! Weather Plugin : nuovo pannello e nuove icone meteo

k@y Green: PluginBrowser

k@y Yellow: AudioSelection

k@y Blue: Esi Panel v2.0

k@y Blue-Long
: Info Plugins

Extra Addons


IPK Installer

Cron Manager

Swap Manager

Mount Manager


k@y Color Long :

Red k@y long : Istant Record

Green k@y long : Media Player

Blue k@y long : Info Plugins


Update Settings-Default-OpenESI - 13E TNX © by Morpheus883

Update OpenWebIF Mod OpenESI

And what changed:
Updated Enigma2 for new version OpenESI-5.0

- gstreamer
- glibc 2.2.5
- GCC correzioni di bug
- Aggiornamenti di Stabilità

Weather Plugin: Weather Plugin and can download it directly from the feeds by Green / green on plugin part of Extension and the other on SystemPlugins restart Gui OpenESI ....

-> openesi-5.0-dm7020hd-20170810.nfi
<img src=http://imageshack.us/a/img384/1337/12295360938386jx5.jpg border=0 alt= />

my English is poor ?,is try to learn Polish
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