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Administrator day

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Default Administrator day

Today is the day of the Administrator

It is celebrated since 2000 on the last Friday of July. The aim is to show appreciation for their hard work computer system administrators, web and network and IT staff at all. The idea of ​​the event is Ted Kekatos, which is inspired by advertising Hewlett-Packard, showing a gift message by co-administrator flowers and goodies as a thank you for installing new equipment in the office. On the official website of the Administrator's even a list of potential gifts that should give the highest court of the representatives of computing reality of goodies for a good firewall, to electronic gadgets. The holiday is also promoted by professional IT organizations such as the League of Professional System Administrators. The crowning argument for the dissemination of this day is the fact that average computer users are not aware of the liability associated with the work of the administrator often forget even about the fact that someone exists and oversees the operation of web sites, local area networks, databases and servers . Most of them remembers only when something stops working. Then, instead of blame but it is a kindness and culture - is said to be an administrator can do everything, so it should place his skin.

Thanks to our Admins
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my English is poor ?,is try to learn Polish
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