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UFS 910 tiTan pre Alpha v1.2

Kathrein UFS 910 Files

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Default UFS 910 tiTan pre Alpha v1.2

Image Info

Project Titan Alpha preview
Titan project of nit is a new alternative platform for SH4-based receiver,
the benefits of Enigma2 (multi-tuner, skin support, etc.)
will connect with the speed and economy of resources neutrino.
This first preview version you can you get an impression
nit to have worked and what the AAF team the last few months.
Since the titanium project from scratch in C was written,
it is still in an early phase and the beginning of many functions
are not yet integrated or not yet fully functional.
There is a lack e.g. the channel search, and advanced configuration menus for the rotor,
Single-cable, DVB-C / T and the subchannel button.

Version 1.2:

- Still does not support CI module integrated (in progress)
- Subchannel key
- Rotor settings
- Web interface Screenshot
- AC3 volume adjustment

+ Channel scan (automatic and Multisat)
+ Diseqc 1.1 (test)
+ Language support for French and Greek
+ Updates for existing languages
+ Many bugfixes Kleim
+ Scart menu
+ Support for IPBox and Spark


+ Timeshift- und Recordfunktion
+ Timer Aufnahmen
+ Sprachunterstützung
+ Secondinfobar
+ Miniplayer
+ Single/Multi epg
+ Plugin Loader
+ Harddiskmanager
+ Network Einstellung
+ Webinterface mit Streaming
+ Kindersicherung

- CI Modulunterstützung noch nicht integriert
- Unterkanaltaste
- Rotoreinstellungen
- Einkabelsysteme (Unicable)
- Multilinguale Unterstützung (bisher nur Englisch komplett)

Click this bar to view the original image of 800x446px.


AAF Panel:

+ Softcam Panel
+ Settings (automount/autostart/overclocking/redbutton/bluebutten/videotune)
+ System (update/backup/restore/aafwizzard)
+ Extension (ipk mit Vorschau)
+ Infos (System Infos)

AAF MediaCenter:

+ AudioPlayer mit Internet Radio- Streamunterstützung (/media/radio)
+ VideoPlayer (alle gängigen Videoformate)
+ Picture Player mit Background Radiomodus
+ InternetBrowser (Startoption für den QtBrowser gibt es als ipk)
+ Screensaver mit verschiedenen Modi (Text, Logo1, Logo2, Mvi gibt es als ipk)
+ alle Player unterstützen (rar, iso, img, m3u, pls und tiTan Playlisten)


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