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message from Team sf


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Default message from Team sf

xbmc does not have direct support tv, some plugins add support for LiveTV , tvheadhend etc.
but these plugins are not easy to handle and require work to be done and I do not think it will be good for the satellite receiver, ordinary users could not configure a large number of these plugins

marusys create mbox , working with problems , EPG , etc., but I know that problems will be solved

BH have excellent images and demons and services , I do not know if they affect to accelerate or not

upcoming changes in the images of SF in the EPG , EPG video for week Spanish provider in C + astra and Hispasat , I work in EPG attach to mbox , yet only load xml weekly EPG and can travel descriptions but does not use EPG for channel or timer for the moment , it is possible to have good news soon XDDD

The image SF has characteristics which are not in the BH images
Firmware updates - in SF panel its possible to install the new version of Internet Direct prismcube
Fix and microupdates panel addons, can install patches in the image installed without installing the entire image ( the first image has a bug in media player and is solved by installing a patch addons without the need to download an entire image )
Drivers - TDT (experimental , and work to integrate them into mbox )
Channels lists extension panel
- And other non-visible patches

when the source code is published all the improvements that can be made are welcome
regardless of whether BH , SF or other

and finally , the work of the BH in all receivers speaks for itself, and in the future , we would like BH reputation

Sincerely, SF_TEAM Prismcube
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