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Tutorials - DM500 HD - manual IP

DM 500HD Other Files

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Arrow Tutorials - DM500 HD - manual IP

DM500 HD - manual IP

Setup a manual IP address in the bootloader:

OK, you don't have an DHCP server. That's normal if you don't have a router or configured one
by yourself. You don't need to install one, but you need to connect your Dreambox by a USB cable now.

You need to know which IP to give to your Dreambox. If you don't know which IP to choose, please ask
someone who can help you. You can choose any IP which is "near" your PC's IP address, but the 
IP should not be used by any other device.

For example, if your PC's IP is, you could use, unless another device already uses that. In that case, just choose, or whatever. It just needs to be in the 192.168.0.x range, where x is >= 1 and <= 254.

Start your favourite terminal program, for example HyperTerm. Setup your Comport to 115200/8N1.
 Press the "s" key.

Now a setup menu should appear. It should look similiar than the screenshot below.

Press the right arrow. You are now in the network setup menu.
Using "+" or "-" you can set the "Network type" to "manual".
Now you can enter an IP address in below. Press F9 to save your settings.
The Dreambox will shutdown.

Now go back and to the procedure again. "dhcp" shouldn't appear anymore, instead the IP you entered.
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