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Originally Posted by The Soulman View Post
Hi all.

I'll try and keep this short.

I have a DM800 HD SE A8P (Clone) I've been flashing various images into the box over the last week or so without any problems.

I then found that images that I had previously flashed into the box no problem were coming up with the "INVALID" (Or Old Version) message.

I looked at the device information tab on the web interface and noticed that the bootloader version had gone down to an earlier version originally it was version 84

I can't remember the number of the earlier version to which it had changed but after a little homework I thougth that this must be the problem.

I then tried to flash the version 84 bootloader into the box and ended up with the dreaded "R01 NO CA FOUND" message on the front display.

After some messing around I have managed to communicate with the box using Dreamup.

I can get Dreamup to the point were it says "BOX IS NETWORKED IN HTTP MODE" but if I attempt to flash an imagine into the box it just goes to "Calculating Checksum" and stays there.

Please someone tell me that I can recover this box and that I haven't turned it into a doorstop.

Any help and advice would really be very much appreciated.

Thank you and regards, The Soulman.
At this point use the IP the box has been given in your browser and try and flash it from that.

Make sure the image you are flashing is correct for the sim card in your box.

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