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What is new

- Fixed EPG 7 days
- Fixed MyTube, thanks to yan12125
- Fixed channel list issue, where channels appeared as N/A
- Fixed PanelExtra to solve N/A issue in channel lists
- Improvements at Notifications plugin. Now you can receive notifications in your smartphone.
- Kodi 17.1 for ******** F1
- MediaCenter improvements :

Added new Kodi style

Added backdrop picture at media list screen.

Now, movie name is the real movie name, not file name (is essential to have movie info downloaded with spzImdb)

Added choice to open on last used folder or always on folder /media.

Fixed hang when entry in MC and try to access to a network mount wich is not available at this moment.

- Improvements at spzImdb. Now you can download a backdrop along with the info and film cover.
- Improvement at Plugin Browser. Now you are able to sort plugins in list.
- Fix aspect ratio on MoviePlayer at Vuplus (until now, movies played with MediaCenter, Dreamplex, KodiLite, etc. were played stretched without black bars) .We need your tests and reports)
- New layout for enigma2 menus.
- Updated italian language, thanks to hall9000

MediaCenter How To

1. Go to Mediacenter - Play Videos
2. First time, list will appear with classic style.
3. If you want to switch to Kodi style, press Menu and select Kodi style. Restart GUI (if you want to switch to classic style Kodi style is set, you must do the same but selecting classic style).
4. Enter again and video list is appearing with kodi style.
5. To see button options, press CH+ or CH-
6. To download film cover, backdrop and info, press green button (it's necessary to have spzImdb installed)

To report bugs :

User : root
Pass : openspa

Wetek Play Wetek Core Vu+ Solo4K Gigablue X1 Quad Plus
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