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Default boxman-image-dm7020,13.4.07


ein neues, aktuelles OE-Image von heute Nachmittag für die 7020:
aktuelle Treiber (Stand: 07/04/02):
fix no more working ts recording (on demux0) in driver packages with date 20070319

OE Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = "1.6.2"
OE_REVISION = "299a5bba67fe8b549b69a516379c8da2651fedab"
TARGET_ARCH = "powerpc"
TARGET_OS = "linux"
MACHINE = "dm7020"
DISTRO = "opendreambox"
TARGET_FPU = "soft"

- with-webif=expert (6.0.2-Expert)
- with-epg=private
- with-mhw-epg
- with-enigma-debug
- with-reiserfs
- with-pmt.patch

add RASS (Radio Screen Show) support (at moment just used on SWR3, DASDING and cont.ra (most code comes from Seddi.. thanks for this)


Spezial thanks to Bundy041!

DreamStream-Tauglich: DreamStream Ver. 0.3.1

Chancelog siehe Mailing List Archives.

Das wird vorläufig das letzte Image für die DM7020 sein.


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