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Originally Posted by briosa View Post
2600:000000:0002:0201:1FFF::XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX ;NBA POOL EUROPE (10.0E)

I don't understand this entry, why it works. according to your data above:

0002 hex = 2 dec -> this SID is NBA POOL EUROPE
0201 hex = 513 dec -> this is not PMT but VPID
1FFF hex = 8191 dec -> no such parameter for this channel..

so what is what in your string?

According to this channel has the following parameters:

SID=2 (HEX 0002)
PMT=200(HEX 00C8)
VPID=513 (HEX 0201)

so either you have PMT and PID switched or the pattern is wrong
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